Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Sunday Evenings

Maybe at your house your Sunday evenings are filled with quiet, serene meditation, but at our house our Sunday evenings look like this: (and if you can't tell what "this" is, I'll tell you: tickle-time, football-time and wrestling-with-the-pillows time).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My son: the book lover and the brute

*I know I've been gone for a while. I know I should post about our recent vacation(s), but I just don't wanna. So you get this random post. For now. Check back later for trip details. If I ever get the desire to post them. I'm in a serious blogging slump. Sigh.*
His nursery is still not finished, almost one year after his birth. Argh.
I love books!

Will loves him his books and since I am an avid reader and a lover of books myself, this makes my heart happy. He can just sit and play with his basket of books for hours, flipping the pages all the while jabbering to himself. Of course, since he is the squirmiest child known to man, he doesn't sit still for too long when I attempt to read books to him--three books is about his limit.

Another one of his book-loving tricks is to pull down all the books on any and every bookshelf. Our bookshelf in our office rarely houses books any more--rather it's the floor where you'll find our books.

Speaking of books, the other day when we were at the library, my hands were so full that I couldn't hold him so he was just crawling around, following me (that's another good skill he has--he'll follow me anywhere I go, just like a dutiful puppy). So, as I walked around a bookshelf in the library, I told him to follow me. Well, sure enough he did. He knocked down an entire row of books on the bottom bookshelf and then proceeded to crawl directly through the bookshelf--in the path he had just cleared for himself. Pretty smart, that kid. He took the most direct path.

Later that same library trip, when we were playing in the kids' section, he made a four-year-old girl cry. He didn't mean to--he just loves older kids and thinks that they love him just as much. He crawled over to her at lightning speed and proceeded to attack her with his expert wrestling move, all the while growling his famous growl. Apparently, she didn't like this move since she burst into tears. Poor girl, she didn't know what was coming.