Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Easter this year was much quieter than usual (we're accustomed to sharing it with our VT cousins, as we have for the past three years as seen here, here and here). And though we missed our cousins terribly, we did enjoy the time we had to spend together as our little family. Saturday was really quiet, with just Will and me to color Easter eggs since Josh was off at the youth temple trip (and we were stuck at home with no car on a rainy day--though we did coerce some friends into playing volleyball, at least). In fact, I had to call my mom to ask her how exactly to dye Easter eggs. Apparently, that had always been Amy's responsibility. I didn't know the ratio of water/vinegar and the directions on my box were confusing me--I guess I am no rocket scientist. My mom laughed at me and then proceeded to tell me she didn't know either--that I should just read the box. When I read the directions to her, she said she had no idea what those instructions were saying either, just to guess. So, I guess I know where I inherited my Easter-egg dying skills. Turns out we did just fine, though.

I really do love it now that Will is getting holidays: getting their meaning and purpose and getting so very excited for the celebrating. I tried hard this year, since he was old enough, to really focus on the meaning of Easter, since it has such an important message.

Now for the festivities and celebrating in picture format.

The coloring of the Easter eggs. I insisted he take his shirt off, so as not to ruin his clothes and he insisted he wear an apron, since I was wearing one (I didn't insist I take off my shirt, don't you worry).

I had to include this picture because I always tell him to "look up" when we're taking pictures because he is always looking down. I need to tell him to "look straight ahead" I guess since this is him "looking up"--and I mean really up.
Waiting on the stairs to see what the Easter bunny brought. He slept in that morning until 8 (soooo not like our Will). In fact, Josh was getting so impatient, he went in and woke Will up.

Will and his dada. Will cannot get enough of his dada.

The finding of the basket.

The showing us of every single toy. He was soooooo excited (the Easter bunny could have hid toilet paper in his basket and he would have been stoked. Such a great age. No present can disappoint).

Of course, no toy was as exciting as the opportunity to eat an entire bunny-shaped candy bar all by himself. Before breakfast.

The t-ball bat.

Josh pitching to Will, inside the house, much to my dismay. Needless to say, this here bat is now strictly an outdoor bat. I'm surprised we made it through the day without any broken furniture, limbs and/or windows.

The before-church-clad-in-new-Easter-outfit picture. I had hopes to get in a family picture, but sadly no time.

Posing with his mama.

Learning about Easter's true meaning. Here we talked about the triumphal entry, including waving some homemade palm fronds. Will thought that was pretty great. And for some reason, blogger erased my other pictures, showing Will learning about Easter and I am far too lazy to try again. Just picture Will learning of the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, the "cross on the hill" and the empty tomb and Mary. I fear he has a morbid tendency and since I am not one to think things through, I told him all about the details. Of course, he now always wants to see pictures of "the nail prints" and "the spear wound". I guess I know he's not squeamish.

How grateful I am to have the knowledge that, because of my Savior's sacrifice, I will live again. One of the Easter songs I taught Will was, "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" and I love the last line of the song, "Did Jesus really live again, after he had died? Oh, yes and so shall I!" What comforting words. I am so grateful that not only do I get to live again, but if I live right, I will get to live with my family as well (which, most days, is an exciting prospect).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Christensens Hit Manhattan

My sister and her family came out to visit the beginning of April. They flew into Albany, where we had a fun few days hanging out, bowling, geo-caching, playing games and watching conference. Then we braved the crowds, trains and taxis of New York City. We hit up the Empire State Building, FAO Schwartz, The Natural History Museum, The Shake Shack (of course) and Central Park. Will and I joined them for a couple days, then we headed home, while they stayed longer for some fun--Manhattan style. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we were so glad they came. Will still talks of his cousins and "Aunty Em" and "Uncle Kirt" often. Thanks Christensens, for a fun time--come again and soon!

I had to include this photo because it made me laugh (even though my sister is going to kill me). Above pictured: the true Christensen family in all their glory. Below pictured: the Christensen family at their best. This was at the Empire State Building. It was free-zing cold and uber windy.

Will and his mama were there, too.

Will and the gi-normous Cookie Monster at FAO Schwartz. I kid you not, this kid went up to every.single.stuffed animal and wanted to hug it.

Will and the Granny piano, as he called it (because last time we were in NYC he played on the piano with Granny and we watch the video of it all.the.time).

Will and the life-sized Chewbaca made out of Lego's.

One morning, Katie, Will and I walked to Central Park while we were waiting for the maintenance people to unlock the door Garret locked in the apartment they rented (and locking both his and Tanner's shoes in there. Fun times). But it was a gorgeous spring day and Will and Katie had a ball at the park. And then we even walked to the Natural History Museum, which was a lot of walking, especially for Katie (Will was in a stroller). But she did a great job (even if I did have to bribe her with a treat) and we made it in no time to the Natural History Museum.

Will and Katie on the slide. It was such a fun park. I've never seen so many nice strollers and nannies before, though. What a different world than mine.

We went back to the park after the museum to play some more. Will loved him some Tanner. Will really, really needs an older brother.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This was the Mother's Day...

...where I got to spend most of the night in the hospital (9-4. Had some bleeding but everything looks just fine. Still, not fun). Not pictured: Josh and me shoved onto a twin bed in one of the recovery rooms at the hospital, trying to sleep, waiting 5 hours for the doctor to read the results of the ultrasound--which never came. I didn't end up getting the results until Monday morning.

...where I got to find out that we are having a baby girl (made the seven-hour hospital stay almost worth it. Really, the ultrasound tech made the night--every time she highlighted a part of the baby on the screen she would exclaim, "Perfect! Gorgeous!" over and over again. I like to believe that is exactly what my baby girl will be: perfect and gorgeous). Pictured: the fabric I am dying to make for my baby girl's bedding. If only I could sew.

...where we got to spend it with some of our favorite people--the East coast Madsens, Nate, Amy, Sam, Beth, Baby James and Aunt Jane. We had fun playing outside, eating at Five Guys (which is now officially tradition), riding bikes, swimming, talking, shopping (at Target. Which is now officially tradition since no one else has Targets accessible to them), and eating at our favorite local restaurant. Will adores his cousins and that night, after they left, he said in his prayers, "Please bless our cousins to come back." I feel the same way, Will. Pictured: Nate giving the kids a horsey ride (I love Nate's face), Will and Beth hugging, Sam and Will on the "choo-choo" and cute baby James. Not pictured: cute Aunt Jane, snuggling and reading books to Will. How do I always miss pictures of that?

...where I didn't make it through more than 15 minutes of church, due to some dysentery-like sickness that left me crippled for two hours. I haven't been that sick since King Tut's tomb in Egypt. When I ran out of church with Josh's keys, all I had to say to him so that he would know the severity of my illness was, "I feel a King Tut's tomb re-enactment coming on." Not pictured: me being deathly ill--and it's a good thing.

...where I got spoiled by the men in my life. Josh was a dream and took all three kids to Lowe's on Saturday to make our Mother's Day vases. Then he took all three of them to the store to buy flowers for the Mother's Day vases. Then he took all three of them swimming at the Y while Amy and I went and got pedicures (and Jane stayed home with a sleeping baby James. Thanks, Jane). Then Josh made us all scones on Mother's Day and then that night made dinner and not only cleaned up the dinner dishes but the whole house, which was a mess from having six extra people in it. He really knows how to treat his woman. Pictured: Will and the vases he made for his mama on Mother's Day.

...where I realized how blessed I am. As Josh, Will and I sat on Will's bed reading scriptures and Josh offered the evening prayer (and he prayed for our baby girl and our little boy), tears just streamed down my face as I recognized the manifold blessings in my life. My cup runneth over. Not pictured: me, blubbering and crying like a baby, runny nose and all.

Happy Mother's day to all the women in my life.

Happy Birthday to Me

Though my b-day was three weeks ago, I still wanted to wish myself happy birthday (so that you could too, right?). Really, though, I just wanted you to see the cutest thing ever: Will singing happy b-day to me. Does it get any cuter than that? I think not (except that, as you'll see, he ages me ten years. That's not so cute). Happy Birthday to me.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Do you believe in miracles? I do. Because one such miracle is joining our family on {or around} the date of October 13. And really, we couldn't be more thrilled.

P.S. Sorry I waited so long to divulge. I'm quite sure you've all been anxious (right?) to hear the news. But something in me makes me wait until the 2nd trimester and then I wanted to wait until I had a doctor's appointment, etc., etc. Though I'm sure if you live in Spokane, you've known for months since they announced it over the pulpit in Stake Conference--not really, but I'm sure my mother would have if she could have and certainly did her best to ensure everyone knew the second she did.