Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter: Bring on the Candy

What did the Easter bunny bring Will? Well, Will sure didn't know and/or care. What did he care about? Why, the lovely, brightly colored eggs that held mounds of candy, of course. After all that, the rest of Easter was kind of a let down. Too bad for Will, Easter is the only time he gets to consume ridiculous amounts of candy. Hopefully, one day he will not only recognize but appreciate the full import of Easter: it's not about the candy, it's certainly not about the presents but it is about the fact that our Savior lives. And hopefully, he will also one day recognize that this knowledge can bring better joy and satisfaction than any Reese's egg-shaped peanutbutter cup ever will.

The VT Madsens and the NYC Jane joined us for our Easter celebrating/Conference viewing. How blessed are we to have such good, fun family so close so that we can share all the good times? And how blessed are we that, because of our Savior's life, death and resurrection, we can live forever as a family? And who wouldn't want to live with this guy forever:
Posing with his NYC presents: light-up bunny ears from Granny and a taxi cab from Mama.
His Easter loot: notice said Reese's peanut buttercup in his hand. (When he looked in his basket, all he saw was the candy and he just kept saying over and over, "Eat it! Eat it!").
The cute kids in their Easter garb watching a church show while the adults attempted to watch conference.
Willy Will.
Will and his dada.
The three kids actually looking at the camera at the same time! Love this kid.


The Pyper Fam said...

Look at that cute boy! I can't believe he is getting so big! I hardly got to see him while you were here, but then again, I hardly got to see you either!!! Next time hopefully not only will I be in Spokane while you are here, but hopefully I won't be about to have a baby either so we can get in some good playing time while you are here! :) I love his little Easter out fit! That little green vest is SO cute! And that girls trip looked like so much fun! I would love to play in NYC for a few days! You guys always go on the best trips! :) I'm so glad you had fun!

Danalin said...

Me too...love that kid! Someday I'll meet him in person and get to squeeze his cute face and kiss his cheeks. He may be 20, but I'm still gonna do it. :) So when are you guys moving out here?

Cookie, Jason, Olivia, and Mya said...

I want a girl trip!!!! Little Will isn't so little anymore really, but hes does get cuter everyday! Is that possible?

Kimberly said...

Will is just adoreable! Looks like a fun easter. Can i just say i spent the last two quite times watching North and South. . per your recommendation. Loved it! I really could have had them get together about 2 episodes earlier though!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

What a cute smile! Love the preppy sweater too.