Thursday, April 8, 2010

General Conference at our House

I don't know what General Conference-watching looks like at your house, but at our house it looks a little like this:

Will and his cousin Beth watching the "Guy Show" (the Incredibles) on "Mamadada bed";

Sam playing "choo-choo" in Will's room;

Oh and there it is--some people actually watching conference in our makeshift tv-viewing area in our office (Jane, Josh and Nate). Josh is even studiously taking notes. He gets the gold star.

We were so glad to have visitors for Conference/Easter, even if that meant General Conference viewing was a tad more crazy than usual. It's a good thing they replay it online. Hope your Conference/Easter weekend was as good as ours.


Kimberly said...

Oh, ours was just as crazy, i assure you. It just wouldn't be conference weekend, without kids running parentless through the house, a lot of blankets, and a good doze here and there. I definitely need to see the replay :)