Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Theory

Let me postulate a little theory here.  Scripturally speaking, any time a woman suffered from some form of biblical infertility, as in had a difficult time conceiving and/or waiting a long, long time to give birth, the child of said mother was promised to much greatness in one form or another.  Examples:  Sarai, Hannah, Samson's mother, Rachel and Elisabeth, to name a few.  The children of these fine mothers--Isaac, Samuel, Samson, Joseph and John--all played a powerful role in the scriptures. Thus, my hypothesis:  infertility+eventual miraculous birth=wonderful, world-changing, uber-strong (as in Samson), extremely righteous, prophet-type child.  And wouldn't you all agree that this quite aptly describes our long-awaited-for, difficulty-in-conceiving William Grant Madsen?  Don't be jealous of our great son.  We can't all give birth to future presidents/prophets/CEOs of a fortune 500 company/NBA basketball star. 

P.S.  Really the above is meant in good humor.  Of course, I love my son and think he is quite phenomenal but I truly have no such lofty expectations in life except for him to grow up, move out of the house, get a job, get married and produce lots and lots of grandchildren for me to love and spoil.