Monday, November 24, 2008

The Evolution of Hair

No other head of hair has been through as much trauma as mine (and we are only talking color here, people. We are totally ignoring the huge tragedy that was the hair cut I received my sophomore year of college. I still shudder at the thought). It all started at my birth. Unfortunately, I was born with beautiful blond hair. I say unfortunately because no blond ever stays blond. All that happens to that blond is they get very attached to that lustrous, flaxen hair only to watch it slowly grow darker and darker, duller and duller. So, this born-blond-but-slowly turned into a mouse-brown-brunette really only has two options. Leave the boring brown color to slowly fade darker into the dreary void of dull, murky brownness or pay thousands of dollars to highlight said hair to a shimmery and bright blond. Of course, those of you who know me, know that I've chosen the second path, a path I've been trodding since I was 18 years old. I've had occasional forays into the world of brown but nothing's ever stuck. Well, it was getting to that time again, where I was frustrated with having the roots, where I was sick of constantly dying my hair and where I desperately wanted a change. And unwilling to take the unbeaten path of lackluster brown, I've forged a new path: a path of glossy, shining and exotic dark brown with a hint of red. To say that the change has left me a little bewildered (as in I have no idea who that crazy lady with a wig on is staring back at me in the mirror) would be an understatement. I am slowly adjusting to life as a brunette. Who knows how long it will last, but one thing I do know: blonds definitely do NOT have more fun.

Here's a photo highlighting my new do: (I don't seem to be highly photogenic. I think the haircut much more pleasing in person).

And now for Will's hair evolution. Remember this photo, taken when he was just a few days old? Look at ALL that hair!
Then, at two months he went through that sad balding phase (I didn't realize quite how bald he was until looking at pictures).
And then here he is at 9.5 months old. His hair was driving me BONKERS it was so VERY long, growing over the ears and the back of his shirts. So, we took matters into our own hands and cut off that hair.

(This picture doesn't do it justice--his hair was LONG).

Below: Getting his hair cut. We distracted him by feeding him goldfish. I freaked out a little when I saw all the hair fall to the ground. It made me sad to see all that beautiful red hair on the floor.

And the finished product: a hair cut by no means professionally done, but at least not as bushy long as before. Luckily, he's so crazy cute that anything looks good on this kid!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spokane: August 21-September 3

Yes, I am aware that this trip took place three months ago, but I did want to document it for journaling purposes. And I thought you just may enjoy the photos.

Spokane: our first trip to my home, the land where I happily resided for thirteen plus years, the place where my parents, sister and two brothers currently now abide, the city that will always be my home away from home. The trip started out with a bang. Due to some crazy confusion (it's extra complicated, people) I inadvertently missed my flight--by an entire day. After some serious scrambling and $140, I was off to Spokane. The long flight home (14 hours from door to door) went relatively smoothly and here's why: the flights were empty so there was always a seat next to me to put Will; everyone was very nice to me and my cute baby boy; Will was/is still nursing, so I just nursed him for a few hours on end. Some not-so-great moments: spit-up all over me and the floor of the airplane; urine all over me and the floor of the airplane bathroom (no one told me to bring an extra pair of clothes for me); carrying Will in the baby Bjorn PLUS a HEAVY backpack and trying to go to the bathroom while on our layover. That was fun. But we survived and when my mom greeted us anxiously and excitedly at the airport, she ran for Will, grabbed him, gave him lots of loves, then, finally, acknowledged me with this, "You look like you've been on a plane all day." To say the least.

The trip was jam-packed. Not a dull moment. Of course, Spear-style, every moment was planned and occupied and we loved it. Will did fine except for when we were in the car (which we were quite a bit, traveling to and from each activity--especially to the lake). The lucky people who got to be in our car got to hear Will's vocal ability. But we loved, loved, loved all the attention and adoration, the good cooking, the good times and, of course, the great company!

To try to organize the enormous amount of pictures documenting our good times, I've separated them into the following categories: introductions, reunions, activities and the Willster.

Oh, we love Spokane and can't wait to get back there soon. Hopefully, in January!


Will met his Uncle Cam for the first time this trip. Cam is a great uncle and Will loved his Uncle Cam. We miss Uncle Cam!

Will and Cody. Will learned quite quickly on this trip what it meant to be the younger cousin.

Cody (Ryan and Angela's youngest) and Will again.

Will met his great Grandma and Grandpa Spear! He also met his great Granny and Great Aunt Marsha and Uncle Jim, but of course, there are no photos of this--sadly enough.

We got to meet sweet baby Nixon, Jon and Michelle's new baby boy. So sweet.


Megan, me and Toni
While in Spokane, my long-lost junior high buddy Cookie came to visit, as well as her baby girl Olivia, her mom Toni and sister Roxanna. It was beyond good to see them. Hadn't seen Cookie and her family since Cookie's wedding 5 years ago!

The gals: Roxanna, Taraka, Cookie, me and Megan.

Then we had a 10th ward reunion with our old gang from the 10th ward. It was so fun to see everyone, meet their cute kids and spouses.

THEN, my friend from the BY Megan and her CUTE daughter Laynie came all the way from Portland to see us. Though, I have no pictures of Megan, I do, however, have plenty of photos of cute Laynie and Will. (Can they PLEASE get married one day. Look how cute she is. Of course, she is a good five months older than Will, though you'd never guess because she is so tiny).

Will and Laynie at Riverfront Park.

And Will and Laynie in the bathtub. So using this for their wedding video!

And Will was reunited with his Grammy and Pompa again, too (though I didn't get any pictures with Pompa on my camera). He loves his Grammy and Pompa and wishes we could see way more of them!

Grammy and Will again. So stinkin' cute!


This crazy children's singer/magician/comedian came to my parents' house and put on a show for us. It was great fun. How could it not be when we had good music, good magic and good jokes?

The Hiawatha bike trail. Beautiful scenery, great (and easy) bike ride with TWO completely dark tunnels to pass through. (Will and I sat this one out since it was a four hour car ride round trip).

We hosted the Spear Family Olympics. And Josh and I won the most events (not to brag, but then again all our other competitors were 8 and under).

Helping Katie with the shot-put.

And what would Spokane be without the Lake? Love that Lake Roosevelt. Don't love the fact that all my parents' stuff got stolen. Terrible and sad. Will wasn't crazy about the life jacket; thus, he wasn't thrilled with the boat or the jet ski.

Chicken wars. Three months later, I can't recall who won, but I am sure it was Josh and me!

And pool time at my sister's pool. That's Brandon way up in the air getting thrown into the pool!

Cute Will Pics

Here are just a few cute pictures of our little guy from the trip:

Monday, November 10, 2008

9 Months: Sooooo Big!

Yes, another William update. Again, I know that these aren't too exciting but I like to record them for both ancestors' and descendants' sake.
Yup, he's nine months and he is getting soooooooo big! This stage is my FAVORITE--I'm loving it. I always think the current stage he's in is the best (well, maybe not that newborn stage, with all that crying and lack of sleeping). He really is so much fun!

His stats (50% for both):
20 lbs. 4 oz.
28.5 inches long
Fun things the peanut has been up to:
  • crawling EVERYWHERE--his favorite place to crawl is up the stairs (he is obsessed with those darn stairs)
  • making it known what he wants: when he wants anything he crawls up to your legs, stands up and whines.
  • eating EVERYTHING in sight except baby food. He will literally push baby food away. One of his favorite treats right now is toast with homemade raspberry jam. Yum, yum! Plus, when you are eating, WATCH out because he is right there in two seconds, begging for food.
  • feeding himself while eating. Boy, does this make like easier. I just sit him in his highchair, give him some food and voila: two free hands for me.
  • wrestling his stuffed bear. He will just try to eat his nose and tail and roll around on the floor with that bear. It is so darn cute.
  • teething. Finally. He is getting his two bottom teeth as we speak, but they are taking their sweet time.
  • sleeping through the night. Finally. As in 12 hours--7 to 7. None of this getting up to nurse at 5:30 stuff. I am in heaven. I get 8 hours of sleep IN A ROW every night.
  • saying sooooooo big when we ask how big he is (lifting up his arms to the sky. See all pictures).
  • furniture cruising, though I don't encourage this because I don't want him to walk. Ever.
  • sneaking into small spaces. He loves to crawl under his crib. Sometimes he can't get out, though and that makes him mad.
  • laughing and giggling at his dad.
  • never sitting still. Constantly moving. I told Josh the other day I was worried he might have ADHD because even when he is nursing he is moving (sort of makes it difficult, but that makes life interesting).
Saying soooo big with Dada.

Posing with Mama.

Eating, eating, eating!

Making his little "piggy" noises.

Monday, November 3, 2008

How to have a FABULOUS Halloween:

Exhibit A: (not pictured)
Acquire a free clown costume from some family friends.

Exhibit B:
Locate an adorable, squishy little baby boy. (This may be the trickiest part. It took us four years, an entire team of doctors and--well, let's face it--generations of good genes).

Exhibit C:
Dress said darling baby in acquired clown costume and add some lipstick for rosy cheeks. (Good luck getting baby to smile for the camera, though).

Exhibit D:
Scrounge some not-so-clever costumes for parents of darling little boy.

Exhibit E:
Attend a fun Ward party and a nice neighborhood block party, eat all the candy given to small baby (hey--he couldn't eat it anyway), watch a classic scary thriller (Wait Until Dark) while snuggling by the fire and VOILA: a fabulous Halloween.
Ward Party fun!
If I let go of my dad's hair, I just may fall.

He was pretty confused the whole time we were at the Ward shin-dig. Usually he is in bed at this hour, so he wasn't sure what to make of the fact that not only was he awake and out of the house, he was surrounded by strange looking people in strange looking outfits.
And some more photos for your viewing pleasure:

Oh, Happy, Happy Halloween!