Thursday, November 13, 2008


This crazy children's singer/magician/comedian came to my parents' house and put on a show for us. It was great fun. How could it not be when we had good music, good magic and good jokes?

The Hiawatha bike trail. Beautiful scenery, great (and easy) bike ride with TWO completely dark tunnels to pass through. (Will and I sat this one out since it was a four hour car ride round trip).

We hosted the Spear Family Olympics. And Josh and I won the most events (not to brag, but then again all our other competitors were 8 and under).

Helping Katie with the shot-put.

And what would Spokane be without the Lake? Love that Lake Roosevelt. Don't love the fact that all my parents' stuff got stolen. Terrible and sad. Will wasn't crazy about the life jacket; thus, he wasn't thrilled with the boat or the jet ski.

Chicken wars. Three months later, I can't recall who won, but I am sure it was Josh and me!

And pool time at my sister's pool. That's Brandon way up in the air getting thrown into the pool!