Thursday, November 13, 2008


Megan, me and Toni
While in Spokane, my long-lost junior high buddy Cookie came to visit, as well as her baby girl Olivia, her mom Toni and sister Roxanna. It was beyond good to see them. Hadn't seen Cookie and her family since Cookie's wedding 5 years ago!

The gals: Roxanna, Taraka, Cookie, me and Megan.

Then we had a 10th ward reunion with our old gang from the 10th ward. It was so fun to see everyone, meet their cute kids and spouses.

THEN, my friend from the BY Megan and her CUTE daughter Laynie came all the way from Portland to see us. Though, I have no pictures of Megan, I do, however, have plenty of photos of cute Laynie and Will. (Can they PLEASE get married one day. Look how cute she is. Of course, she is a good five months older than Will, though you'd never guess because she is so tiny).

Will and Laynie at Riverfront Park.

And Will and Laynie in the bathtub. So using this for their wedding video!

And Will was reunited with his Grammy and Pompa again, too (though I didn't get any pictures with Pompa on my camera). He loves his Grammy and Pompa and wishes we could see way more of them!

Grammy and Will again. So stinkin' cute!


Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

We loved seeing you guys and getting to meet Will. Hes so cute. Love the tubby picture.

RMoncrief said...

It was so fun to see you and baby Will!! Miss you guys!

Toni said...

It was fabulous fun! Let's not wait so long for another reunion. I miss you, Jessy, and your adorable hubby and Will!