Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving: A day late but not a dollar short.

Thanksgiving: a day in which we give thanks. Though this year we celebrated a day late, due to Nate's work schedule, it was still a day worthy of much praise. And this year I have much to give thanks for.

First off, I am thankful for FOOD. What a dreamy meal Thanksgiving is. This was our third annual Brothers Madsen Thanksgiving Feast and, if I do say so myself, we got it down--thanks to Martha Stewart. Turkey, brined in dry white wine, veggies and herbs: perfection. Stuffing, homemade with chestnuts: mouth-watering. Creamed-corn: it's creamed, what more need I say? We also had lots of other treats to make it just right: cranberry sauce, jello and homemade pies for dessert. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmm, m!

Secondly, I am thankful for FAMILY. This Thanksgiving consisted of spending time with some of my favorite people: Joshy, the best hubby ever; Willy, the baby-boy-to-be who loves all things made of sugar; Nate, Josh's older and more wiser brother; Amy, his wife who is very handy in the kitchen and Beth, their little Bean Girl who makes everything more entertaining.

And though the list could go on and on, lastly, I am thankful for CLOTHES, that is maternity clothes with a stretchy waste-band that allows you to eat to your hearts' content without feeling the strain of buttons or zippers. This year, it quite made my Thanksgiving. I think every year, regardless of my status, will be a maternity-pants-wearing event. Thank heaven for stretchy pants!
Josh cutting up the turkey. He makes a MEAN turkey. Nice work, Joshy!

More turkey-lurkey, as Beth would say. The table-setting, complete with the name cards that I insisted we make, thinking Beth would enjoy it, though Beth, at age three, didn't quite enjoy it as much as me, at age 28.
The participants in the Third Annual Brothers Madsen Thanksgiving Feast: Amy, Josh, Nate and Beth. Not pictured: Jessy and Baby Willy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Surprises, Vacations & Vomiting House Guests!

It's been too long, my fellow bloggers, too long. I am certain that due to my long absence you were beginning to fear the worst, wondering if I would ever blog again. I am even more certain that many tears were shed and even more hearts broken at this tragic thought. But ne'er you fear, my friends, ne'er you fear, for I am back and all is well. And I have good reasons for my long departure, reasons that can be summed up in these few words: surprises, vacations and vomiting house guests.
1. Surprises
For Josh's parents' 60th b-days, we, being the Madsen children, decided to give them the best present possible: the gift of us! Yes, all 5 children, plus spouses (minus one), and grand kids flew out to the Great Salt Lake to surprise Bard and Adelee on their happy day. And what a happy day it was. After sneaking into the parental units' bed in the wee hours of the morning to surprise them (and boy were they surprised. You would be, too, if you awoke to ten extra people in your bed), we had a fun-filled weekend packed with: yummy homemade breakfasts of crepes, french toast and eggs, trips to the temple, authentic Mexican food (Cafe Rio), and celebrations Madsen-style. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures to document these good times. You'll just have to use your imagination).

2. Vacations
Since I was already half-way cross the country, I decided to continue on home for a week-long vacation with my family. Oh, and it is always soooo divine going home: getting spoiled by my mom and my granny, playing with my cute niece and nephews, eating home cooked meals, celebrating Halloween Spear-style at my grandma's, visiting with old friends, playing "The Amazing Race" as a family and just having good ol' fashioned "bonding-time" as my dad likes to say. Thanks Spear clan for a great trip home!
My nephews and niece all dolled up for Halloween. Tanner was the perfect Harry Potter, Katie a flapper and Garret, of course, was a pumpkin!

While I was home, my sister Emily, my sister-in-law Michelle and my friend Taraka threw my a baby shower. It was such fun and as you can tell by the look on my face, I LOVED getting presents (hint, hint...). It was great to see many friends and family. Thanks for the shower, gals!

3. Vomiting House Guests
To top off great two weeks of vacationing, my best friend from high school Taraka and her little guy Tucker flew back with me to NY. We had a great week of sleeping in late and giggling in our jammies all day, visiting the surrounding sites of Palmyra and Boston, eating yummy food, playing with Tucker and reminiscing about old times. And I bet you can't guess who the vomiting house guest was? No, not Taraka, but Tucker. It seemed as though Tucker could not control his bodily functions. Every time we got in the car, Tucker either decided to vomit or pee through his diaper. My favorite lapse in bodily function was on our trip to Palmyra. Tucker was a little squirmy so Taraka kept feeding him to calm him down. She commented, "Poor guy. I keep feeding him, so he'll be quiet." Well, it turns out, he did eat a bit too much, as the vomiting proved. When this happened, Taraka, distressed, cried out, "See, I told you he eated too much." It was all quite entertaining and the rest of the week we kept saying, "Oh, I eated too much" or "I told you Tucker eated too much." Oh, Tucker, you are too cute. We miss you, your mommy and your "gog".

Josh, Tucker and me at the Sacred Grove in Palmyra.

Josh and Tucker on the Hill Cumorah. Tucker loved Joshy and Joshy loved Tucker.

Tucker ON the Freedom Trail in Boston. We were determined to always have a part of his stroller or a part of himself on the trail AT ALL TIMES and AT ALL COSTS.