Monday, August 24, 2009

In New York City

Last weekend we packed up all our gear in two backpacks, loaded the rug rat into the car and headed on down south for a quick trip to the Big Apple to visit with Jane and Josh's folks, who were in town. And let me tell you, did we have a good time. And here's why:

1. We had our very own personal (and quite talented, I might add) tour guide, shopper and event planner in one Jane Madsen.

2. We have the best parents/in-laws who spoiled us ROTTEN!

3. Will got all the attention he needed since he was the only grandchild present. Cause let's be honest, everyone needs a little one-on-one time with one's grandparents. They were pretty darn cute with Will. I wish I would have snapped a photo with Gus carrying Will all around town on his shoulders.

4. We got prime seats to a Mets game. Good times.

5. We ate our hearts out at the Shake Shack. A must, if you're in the city. And, if you're in the city, calories just fall off you due to all the walking/sweating you do.

6. Our hotel was mere steps away from 5th Avenue. And I got to go shopping. With Jane there to tell me what's cute and what's not (b/c clearly, I need the help). Without Will. For two whole hours. It was divine.

7. We all went and saw 9 to 5 while Will napped and played in Central Park with Jane's friend. The play was cute and fun (and a little racy--the perfect trio:)

Thanks for the city adventure Jane, Granny and Gus! Hope to do it again soon.

Granny, Jane and Will on the subway.

Will at the Shake Shack playing with the fountain, the birds, the dogs and the leaves.

The Mad Family at the Mets' game.

Jane and Will at the game (with Granny trying to sneak into the picture).

And a picture including Granny.

Will with his grandparents.

Will and Granny at FAO Schwartz on thee piano. Oh, I wish I could figure out how to get the video of Granny dancing on the piano with Will. You'll just have to imagine it--it was pure entertainment!

A side note. While on the train traveling to NYC, Will was OBSESSED with all the boats he saw out the window. All he wanted to do was stand by the window and point out all the "buhts" as he calls them. And now, he is obsessed with boats in general. He discovered that one of his books, The Big Red Barn, has a tiny little boat on one page of the story and he wants to read that book over and over, asking for the "buht" book. The other night after we read the book before bed, I tried to pry the book out of his hands as I put him in his crib, but he would not let go and he kept crying hysterically, "Buht, buht, buht, buht!!!". So, he went to bed with the boat book. When Josh and I went to check on him before we went to bed, I figured he would have long ago discarded the book and fallen asleep. But no, he was fast asleep clutching the boat book in his hands. I thought it fitting, then, to include a picture of Josh reading the boat book to Will.

And I am stoked I got the below picture on film. He loves this book (not just b/c of the boat) but also because of all the animals. And the cover page has a picture of a sheep on it and every time we turn to that page, he just makes the loudest "BAAAAAAAAAA" you ever did hear, with all his heart and soul in it. So in this picture he is mid-"BAAAAAAAAAAA" and it just makes me smile. Look at how into it he is. Oh, I just adore this little tike.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


*Below story mimicked from Olivier Dunrea's Gossie book.
This is Willy. Willy is a toddler. A small, red-headed toddler who likes to wear bright red boots. Every day.
He wears them when he walks.
He wears them when he talks.
He wears them when he rides.
He wears them when he slides.What Willy really loves to do, though, is wear them when he swings. Every day. He swings high. He swings low. He swings long. He swings short. But what Willy never does is swing on days when it is 100% humidity, when the mere thought of going outside makes his mother break out in a sweat, even though sweet Willy stands by the door, boots in hand, begging for his mother to take him outside to swing. No, those days Willy and his mom stand indoors, in front of the central air vents, letting that unnaturally cool air blast spurts of arctic air on their overheated bodies.

This is Willy. Willy is a toddler. A small, red-headed toddler who likes to wear bright red boots. Almost every day.