Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just in case you forgot... cute my kids are, here's a reminder:
Lucy giving Will "lip kisses"--the only kind of kisses she gives.  She demands a kiss smack on the lips, though here she missed Will's lips just a tad.

 Maybe someday I'll update my blog again (and, let's be honest, maybe someday someone will care if I update this blog--not sure anyone is still reading).  Maybe someday I'll untangle the mess of cords in the drawer, match the correct cords to the correct cameras and download the plethora of photos.  Maybe I'll sift through the photos, upload the cutest ones, extolling the adorableness of my two kids.  Maybe I'll detail our summer fun, thinking up clever titles and catchy descriptions.  Or maybe I'll just go enjoy the last few days of summer before my little boy, my best little pal, starts full day kindergarten next week.  Maybe I'll stop sobbing tears of sadness long enough to comfort my little girl who will be sobbing those same tears of sadness as we miss the boy who fills our day with laughter, wonderment and fun.  Maybe then I'll update the blog.  Maybe, just maybe.