Monday, October 22, 2007

Brown Paper Packages...

Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail? Well, I most certainly do. In fact, brown paper packages tied up with string truly are some of my favorite things. It's such fun: ripping into the mounds of packing tape, scrambling to find the hidden treasure inside, then squealing with delight once you finally find it. And this week was a good week for packages because, boy, did we get us some packages! So, I thought I'd share the joy of package week at the Mad house with you, my faithful blogging viewers, courtesy of my lovely, first-rate blog.

Package #1:
Baby bedding for little boy Madsen. After scouring the Internet, searching in stores and even contemplating sewing (yikes!), I finally found the best bedding for our baby boy: on sale (yeah), no animal prints (don't GET me started) and lots of blues, greens, and, of course, REDS (the perfect colors for a baby boy). Now all I need is curtains, sheets, crib skirt, crib, wall decor and changing table. And that's just for the nursery......Who knew babies were so extensive and expensive?

Package #2:
Old Navy Maternity clothes. Yes, after another fiendish search through stores and Internet (though, fortunately, no sewing was contemplated. I sewed myself a dress in Home Ec. in 9th grade that I could never even get into due to such poor, poor sewing), I found the perfect maternity jeans. They, too, were on sale and even Josh noticed how good they looked. In fact, he even said, and I quote, "Those jeans look so good on you, you should wear maternity clothes all the time." And I agree, what is better than a stretchy, comfy waist band that requires no zipping or buttoning, thus allowing much more speed at the innumerable bathroom stops?? Below is a picture of lovely jeans, taken in our basement since I couldn't peel Josh away from his table saw long enough to go any where else. (P.S. What do you think of the shirt? I just got it at Target but am thinking of returning it......)

Package #3:
Maternity clothes from Kathyrn, my very generous sister-in-law. Moments after giving birth to her baby boy, I called her, told her congrats of course, and begged her to send me some maternity clothes on the double since she no longer had a need for them. And, boy, did she deliver! Whatever would I do without Kasey? I suppose I would have to wander the streets clothes-free. So, Kasey, not only do I thank you but the people on the streets thank you!

Package #4:
The most exciting one of all: Josh's table saw! Yeah! For years Josh has been saying he wants a table saw so that he can build me all sorts of fancy furniture, including our baby's crib. And for years I have been designing said furniture in my mind. Now, finally, this dream can come true (hopefully in time for the baby) since Josh's 430 lb. table saw arrived this week and landed safely in our basement. Here is a picture of Josh putting the saw together. Keep your fingers crossed that baby's crib will be done in time for baby!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Wait is Over......

This morning, I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. The menu today: sugared Frosted Flakes, apple juice and Mountain Dew. Fortunately, this is not my normal meal, but today was special--today was the day I was going to find out if baby was a girl or a boy. Since last time baby was dead asleep and uncooperative, I was determined to have a fully awake child. After eating my highly nutritious and sugar-filled meal, I climbed into the car and drove to the doctor's office. By the time I met Josh at the office, I wasn't feeling so hot. I would not recommend pure fructose for any one's morning feast. But the sugar paid off. As soon as the ultra-sound tech placed that cold probe on my belly, she asked, "Did we find out the gender last time?" After a resounding, "No!" from both Josh and me, she said, "Did you want to know?" Again, another unison cry of "Yes!" and then she showed us a clear shot of baby and all THREE legs (well, one of them wasn't actually a leg). Sure enough, our baby was proud to show us that he's A BOY! Unfortunately, I had a little too much sugar and the ultra-sound tech was none too pleased since she had a difficult time continuing with her measurements due to one squirrely baby. He wouldn't even stay still long enough for a profile shot. At least we got some good profile shots last time, which I will post below:

We're beyond thrilled, relieved and excited to know that all is well with our little baby boy and that he finally decided to reveal himself (literally). Now, let the shopping begin.........