Friday, May 16, 2008

Annie & Granny!

What do you do when you have two crazy ladies with rhyming names come and visit? Well, you do lots of yard work (at least Granny did), take lots of walks so Will would sleep, check out the local mall, eat yummy steak dinners by the river, get fancy tools for Joshy's growing shop and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle with cute baby Will. And that's what we did with the ladies with rhyming names, Josh's mom, Granny, and his sister, Annie--who were lucky enough to make a cross-country driving trip, starting in SLC and ending in VT, with stops along the way to visit family and church history sites. Those crazy ladies even just slept in the back of the Volvo so as to save time and money. But we're glad they made the trip because we got to play with them along the way. Thanks for making the stop, Granny and Annie. (And a special thanks to you, Granny, for all the great yard work you did). Here's some photos:

Annie and Will. At least Annie knows how to look at the camera.
Granny and Will. I love this one because Granny is singing to Will and he is just laughing and loving it!!!
We love you, Annie and Granny. See you again soon on your next crazy adventure!

Monday, May 5, 2008

3 Months & Flying High!

For this the celebration of my three months of life, I thought I would highlight the last month of my crazy little life via my name (of course, my mother had to help me write this because she is the smartest--oh, yeah and because I can't write yet).

W-Why, oh why, won't I take naps?

I-I am the cutest darn thing that ever did live!

L-Licking--I discovered my tongue and I LOVE to lick everything.

L-Lots & lots of cooing sounds do I make now.

I-I am still a little peanut; only now am I fitting into most of my 3-month clothes.

A-Am I going to lose all my cute red hair? I hope not! I want to be a fiery red-head!

M-My ma and pa are the coolest....(My mom made me say that).

Now my mom wants to have a few words: William, Willy, Will, Peanut Butter, Buddy and Buster Brown: by whatever name you're known, you will always be my little boy! Happy 3 Months.

Here's some photos of you at three months!

Overalls are the way to go, since my dad can lift me so high in them.
I like to sit up, especially with the help of mama.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Don't Judge Me....

Last night was historical. My baby, my sweet little boy, went to sleep promptly after only 5 minutes of fussing at 7:15. Then, hallelujah, he slept soundly until 5:54 (I actually think Josh's alarm clock woke him up). I am a new woman after getting 7.5 hours of sleep (though I did wake a few times, wondering where my baby was. Someone needs to teach ME how to sleep through the night again). After he nursed, he then again went promptly back to sleep until 8:10. Then at 9:30, he went down, awake, on his own, for a nap. It only lasted 30 minutes and he woke up still tired, but small miracles! And now, after going on a walk in his car seat/stroller he is going for one of his marathon naps.....

So, you may be wondering how I am spending my time, now that I am well-rested and my child is finally napping. Well, that's easy. Am I folding the mounds and mounds of laudry I've been putting off? No. Am I saving my floors from all the little ants that seem to be suddenly appearing by vacuuming all the crumbs? Of course not. Cleaning bathrooms? Why bother--they'll just get dirty again. What I have been doing, though, is blog-stalking and catching up on past episodes of Gossip Girl online. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll also be catching up on Brothers and Sisters, 30 Rock and perhaps even Friday Night Lights (it depends on how long my little peanut sleeps). Don't you judge me; we all have our guilty little pleasures. Now I gotta jet: Serena and Blair await...