Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rice Cereal, YUM!

So that our peanut could better eat his yummy rice cereal, we purchased a high chair (we figured that would come in handy, right?). Since our dining area isn't huge and I didn't want a bulky high chair, we bought the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair that just straps onto a chair. I LOVE it; it's the perfect size and it doesn't take up extra space--plus, it can turn into a toddler seat for when he gets older. Anyhow, Will doesn't need the tray yet, so we just push him up to the table, with his hands/arms under the table so they don't interfere with the feeding process (this is key b/c his little hands are always in his mouth and it is quite the task to feed him whilst his hands are in his mouth) and then we feed him. It just is a crack up to me because he just is this little head sitting at the table. He is really turning into a great eater, as these pictures will attest.

The smiling, floating head. (In this picture he looks so much like my brother Jon to me--that's what his Granny (Adele) thinks, too).
Staring cross-eyed at the incoming food.
He opens real wide and gets all excited for his tasty bite of rice cereal.
And in between bites, he just goes right for the left over cereal on his bib. He's not letting ONE drop pass him by.
Chowin' on the bib. Oh, I love this little guy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bumbo in the Buff...

Again, what's with the OUTLETS coming out of his head?? I don't notice that when I'm snapping the picture!
Here's a darling photo of our little guy. After a morning of 17, 000 spit-ups all over his clothes, he got to enjoy the Bumbo in the buff (well, he's wearing a diaper, of course--you just can't tell). I couldn't resist snapping a photo of our little guy all naked in the Bumbo seat. And if I couldn't resist snapping the photo, then I KNEW you couldn't resist looking at it. As we all know, blogs are mostly for the grandparents who live far, far away and want to see how our little ones are growing. So, enjoy grandfolks.

On another note, I am dying to know what my blogger-fans (yes, all five of you:) think of Baby Willy's looks (well, I know you think he's darling, but I want to know WHO you think he looks like). Josh and I don't think he really resembles either one of us, but now we'll let you decide: is Will a little Joshy or a little Jessy????

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A BIG week for such a small boy!

This last week has been one big week for our little guy. And what would it be if I didn't document it on our lovely blog? There have been a lot of firsts this week: from first bite of rice cereal to first time rolling over. Now let's have a look at the photos that tell the story of his big week:
First bite of rice cereal sitting on Dada's lap. As you can clearly see, he is not in love with the cereal, though he has definitely warmed up to the idea.
Rolling over from his back to his front (he's been rolling over the other way for a while). The major problem with this one has been a LOT of missed naps because he will roll over onto his tummy in the crib and then proceed to NOT sleep because he is NOT comfortable.....It is trouble!

First swing ride in OUR new swing that Dada put up in our VERY tall trees. The trees are so very tall that we can give the peanut one rather large push and he's good for about three-four minutes before he needs another push.
Dada giving him a push on Peanut's first Father's Day. Happy D-Day, Dada. If only I could talk and tell you how much I've enjoyed: all our walks in the Baby Bjorn, making crepes with you in the Baby Bjorn, washing dishes with you in the Baby Bjorn while you tell me the story of the monster in the sink (a.k.a. the garbage disposal), taking hikes with you in the Baby Bjorn (I am sensing an obvious trend that Will likes to hang out with his dad whilst IN THE BABY BJORN). He'd also let you know how he likes to watch Sports Center with you, eat rice cereal with you, sing with you and bathe with you (well, rather GET bathed by you). We love you, Dada!
I can swing for hours! (Literally, the rope on this puppy is at least 25 feet long!)
First time wearing the darling sweater & hat that Aunt Michelle hand-knit for him! So very cute! We hope there's plenty more where this one came from, hint, hint! (Though, we aren't holding our breath since Michelle is probably too busy knitting stuff for her OWN little guy due in August).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

4 Months: Really???

My, oh my! Where has the time gone? Saturday last our little boy turned 4-months-old. And little boy is right! He is still just a peanut: 12 lbs. 10 oz. YIKES! That's just the 10%....We started feeding him some rice cereal last night per the doctor's instructions to try to fatten this boy up. I'm not sure it'll work since he wasn't too keen on the whole cereal idea. However, last night was the first time he slept through the night in a while, so perhaps that played some role. Let's hope that's a pattern...The bags under my eyes are becoming a serious problem, people.

Though I am sure you are a tad bored with all the William updates, you must appease me since this is my journal/blog and that's mostly what we do around here: play with Will, feed Will, sing to Will, read to Will and TRY TO GET WILL TO SLEEP. This past month he has really started to play and I love, love, love spending time with him. He loves to be sung to (especially "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"); his face just lights up when you sing. Whenever I stick my tongue out at him, it's sure to get a smile. Josh likes to blow in his face and then Will just blows bubbles right back at him. He has started cuddling with blankets and I think it is so sweet since both Josh and I were blanky lovers. He adores Baby Einstein, especially Baby Mozart and Beethoven. He still loves his bouncy seat where he just grabs the toy elephant and chews and chews and chews. He loves to swing on the neighbors' swing (I'm trying to get Josh to hang one for us). And, of course, he's still a big fan of baths, the baby bjorn, eating his fingers and DROOLING. He is the leakiest baby I've ever known!

Here are some of our favorite photos of the last month:

I love, love, love this picture because it shows his true smile. So very hard to capture on film, but so very darling.
Baby Bjorn time with Dada.
Look at that serious face.
I just can't get enough of him in this cute little hat that Josh had to staple to make it small enough for the little guy.
Snuggling with Dada. So sweet.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I just knew Will would love the Bumbo seat because any time I put him on his back, he just tries and tries to sit up so that he can see everything going on around him. In my opinion, it is because he is part genius (he gets the genius part from me) and is so very inquisitive about the world around him. That's why the Bumbo is great because he can sit and stare at world, thus fine-tuning his already fine-tuned mind. And I just had to share these cute pictures of him in his Bumbo. Thanks, Aunty Em for sending it to us and thanks to her friend Shar for gifting the seat. We love it!

He looks so grown up in this picture in his cute outfit from his Aunty Taraka (who, he told me, he is dying to meet, by the way).
Who couldn't love this face?
Big smile. Too bad he has a plug and a lamp post coming out of his head. Hey, I never claimed to be the world's best photographer.
Eating his bug toy that he loves. He has to be sucking on something and anything, except, of course, a pacifier!
When the toy doesn't suffice, he just goes right in for his hand.

Oh, How We Love Vermont

For Memorial Day weekend, the hubby, the kid and I decided to trek it on up to Vermont to visit Josh's brother, his wife and their little girl, Beth. Now, I was a tad nervous about the trip since Will had been doing great sleeping at night (three nights in a row--sleeping through the night. Yeah). But he did great whilst in VT; however, he hasn't sleep through the night since we've been home. Boo. Ah, least we had lots of fun in Vermont. The highlights: Robert & Gigi singing group (Will loves singing); yummy breakfast at Shelburne farms; home renovations (mostly Josh and Nate); dreamy hot dogs and smores at the fire pit; and, of course, the entertainment: Beth. She literally kept Willy entertained the entire time. He just sat in his bouncy seat and laughed and smiled while Beth sang and danced for him. Plus, she was so generous with all her toys and books. Beth even made up a song for him! She is going to be the best big sister to her baby brother Sam, who will be joining their family any day now!

Oh, how we love Vermont and can't wait to visit again. (In fact, I really wanted to take Beth home with me so that she could be Will's constant amusement. The Tuesday we got home he was fussier than usual--I'm gathering because he was so bored with me. I rarely sing and dance the whole day long for him, though, at times--when I'm desperate--I do). Here are the few pics we managed to take:

Sunday after church.
Getting kids to sit still is so very tricky.
Josh's hand--trying to get Will to smile, though it's so difficult with digital cameras!
Will loved their swing. Now I know what you're thinking--that face doesn't look like he is loving the swing. But trust me, after a hard Sunday with no naps--this is a look that says, "I'm as happy as I can be, chillin' in this swing."