Thursday, June 19, 2008

A BIG week for such a small boy!

This last week has been one big week for our little guy. And what would it be if I didn't document it on our lovely blog? There have been a lot of firsts this week: from first bite of rice cereal to first time rolling over. Now let's have a look at the photos that tell the story of his big week:
First bite of rice cereal sitting on Dada's lap. As you can clearly see, he is not in love with the cereal, though he has definitely warmed up to the idea.
Rolling over from his back to his front (he's been rolling over the other way for a while). The major problem with this one has been a LOT of missed naps because he will roll over onto his tummy in the crib and then proceed to NOT sleep because he is NOT comfortable.....It is trouble!

First swing ride in OUR new swing that Dada put up in our VERY tall trees. The trees are so very tall that we can give the peanut one rather large push and he's good for about three-four minutes before he needs another push.
Dada giving him a push on Peanut's first Father's Day. Happy D-Day, Dada. If only I could talk and tell you how much I've enjoyed: all our walks in the Baby Bjorn, making crepes with you in the Baby Bjorn, washing dishes with you in the Baby Bjorn while you tell me the story of the monster in the sink (a.k.a. the garbage disposal), taking hikes with you in the Baby Bjorn (I am sensing an obvious trend that Will likes to hang out with his dad whilst IN THE BABY BJORN). He'd also let you know how he likes to watch Sports Center with you, eat rice cereal with you, sing with you and bathe with you (well, rather GET bathed by you). We love you, Dada!
I can swing for hours! (Literally, the rope on this puppy is at least 25 feet long!)
First time wearing the darling sweater & hat that Aunt Michelle hand-knit for him! So very cute! We hope there's plenty more where this one came from, hint, hint! (Though, we aren't holding our breath since Michelle is probably too busy knitting stuff for her OWN little guy due in August).


Danalin said...

Oh my! He is so stinkin' cute, Jessy! I love the hat/sweater combo, I love his smiles, I love reading what you write about life with your little man. When, oh when, are you going to come to western Washington and hang out with us?! Kelly's going to take a crack at the rice cereal business sometime next week. Max was a fan...we'll see about the little lady.

Jason, Cookie, Olivia said...

Yes don't you love it when they learn new things and they practice when they should be sleeping!!! Olivia loves to stand up in her crib when she should be sleeping. WHY?! Yes I love my cr-v. Everyone should have one. Its a perfect mommy car, not too big not too small. We better see you when you come to Utah or you'll be in loads of trouble!!!. I know Olivia looks so much like her daddy. Hes pretty cute so we lucked out there! I learned with the rice cereal I had to make it pretty runny the first few times.

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

I can't believe he is already on rice cereal. I'm sure you'll notice he sleeps more too. I can't believe your hubby put in that swing. Those trees are tall! Yet, you look at the smile on Will's face and you can see why any dad would put in a swing. Hope you are doing well! We'll keep you posted on baby Carson. I'm getting tired of waiting for him. :)

RMoncrief said...

He is so cute!!! Wish I had a swing like that!

The Pyper Fam said...

That little man is so cute! Tucker loved the rice cereal, and ate it right up immediatley, I know that that probably surprises you! :)Will is definitley starting the whole 'big boy' process by eating the solids, it all goes downhill from here! :)I think that he looks like Garrett in the swing pictures! Michelle is quite the knitter, that hat/sweater combo is the cutest! Too bad its finally starting to warm up!

Ryan & Angela said...

I am so jealous. That little sweater is ADORABLE. I wish I were a little baby boy.

We have a little swing just like that for Cody, but he hates motion. I swear, I don't know where he came from. We could never push Kathleen and Brandon hard or high enough. Little Will is super cute.

Anonymous said...

Messy stuff that cereal, but many a good nights sleep when fed before bed. Love the swing pictures. Training him to love thrills early eh. He looks like he is really enjoying it!
Can't wait to meet the little man in August.

Emily said...

So cute. Don't you love eventful weeks of firsts? Is he sleeping better with the cereal? I love the sweater and hat!