Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh, How We Love Vermont

For Memorial Day weekend, the hubby, the kid and I decided to trek it on up to Vermont to visit Josh's brother, his wife and their little girl, Beth. Now, I was a tad nervous about the trip since Will had been doing great sleeping at night (three nights in a row--sleeping through the night. Yeah). But he did great whilst in VT; however, he hasn't sleep through the night since we've been home. Boo. Ah, least we had lots of fun in Vermont. The highlights: Robert & Gigi singing group (Will loves singing); yummy breakfast at Shelburne farms; home renovations (mostly Josh and Nate); dreamy hot dogs and smores at the fire pit; and, of course, the entertainment: Beth. She literally kept Willy entertained the entire time. He just sat in his bouncy seat and laughed and smiled while Beth sang and danced for him. Plus, she was so generous with all her toys and books. Beth even made up a song for him! She is going to be the best big sister to her baby brother Sam, who will be joining their family any day now!

Oh, how we love Vermont and can't wait to visit again. (In fact, I really wanted to take Beth home with me so that she could be Will's constant amusement. The Tuesday we got home he was fussier than usual--I'm gathering because he was so bored with me. I rarely sing and dance the whole day long for him, though, at times--when I'm desperate--I do). Here are the few pics we managed to take:

Sunday after church.
Getting kids to sit still is so very tricky.
Josh's hand--trying to get Will to smile, though it's so difficult with digital cameras!
Will loved their swing. Now I know what you're thinking--that face doesn't look like he is loving the swing. But trust me, after a hard Sunday with no naps--this is a look that says, "I'm as happy as I can be, chillin' in this swing."


Jason, Cookie, Olivia said...

Of course he loves the swing. He looks deep in thought. We want to meet Will.