Friday, July 24, 2009

Spokane Trip--a.k.a. Picture Overload

Ahh, we're back. And though it's almost been two weeks since we've returned, it feels as though I am now just finally getting back into my groove, if you will (and I think you will). We had a lovely, fun-filled trip to visit my family in Washington state. A little too much fun, I dare say. The first week we spent at our favorite lake, Lake Roosevelt, with my entire family doing some of our favorite things. And here's what we did:

A little of this: jet-skiing & boating,

a little of that: playing in the water & wiffle balling

even some of this: wake-boarding & tubing (do you think Will likes to tube? Check out his face)

Lots of this: cousin time and Grammy & Pompa time

Will loved Pompa. He even learned to say "Pompa" while on the trip. It's too cute. When I was downloading this picture, Will was on my lap and he saw Pompa and got a huge smile on his face, pointed at the screen and said, "Pompa!"
And, unfortunately, even some of this:
And, of course, we had to have some family photos taken:

And the second week of our trip, we sent Dada back home to work and then did a LOT of this: playing with the dogs.
Will was seriously OBSESSED with these dogs (Jon and Michelle's dogs). He would literally beg to see the dogs every second of the day. He was fearless with them (as you can see from the photos). He also loves to look at the pictures of the dogs on the computer (and the video I took). It almost makes me tempted to get a dog for this little guy. Almost.

It was so very good to be with family. I wish I could see them more often, but after the 12-hr. plane ride home alone with a toddler on my lap, on a full flight, flying through thunder and lightning storms (you could see the lightning RIGHT outside our window), I think that we may just never go home again. Who's up for a family reunion in upstate NY next year?