Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spokane: August 21-September 3

Yes, I am aware that this trip took place three months ago, but I did want to document it for journaling purposes. And I thought you just may enjoy the photos.

Spokane: our first trip to my home, the land where I happily resided for thirteen plus years, the place where my parents, sister and two brothers currently now abide, the city that will always be my home away from home. The trip started out with a bang. Due to some crazy confusion (it's extra complicated, people) I inadvertently missed my flight--by an entire day. After some serious scrambling and $140, I was off to Spokane. The long flight home (14 hours from door to door) went relatively smoothly and here's why: the flights were empty so there was always a seat next to me to put Will; everyone was very nice to me and my cute baby boy; Will was/is still nursing, so I just nursed him for a few hours on end. Some not-so-great moments: spit-up all over me and the floor of the airplane; urine all over me and the floor of the airplane bathroom (no one told me to bring an extra pair of clothes for me); carrying Will in the baby Bjorn PLUS a HEAVY backpack and trying to go to the bathroom while on our layover. That was fun. But we survived and when my mom greeted us anxiously and excitedly at the airport, she ran for Will, grabbed him, gave him lots of loves, then, finally, acknowledged me with this, "You look like you've been on a plane all day." To say the least.

The trip was jam-packed. Not a dull moment. Of course, Spear-style, every moment was planned and occupied and we loved it. Will did fine except for when we were in the car (which we were quite a bit, traveling to and from each activity--especially to the lake). The lucky people who got to be in our car got to hear Will's vocal ability. But we loved, loved, loved all the attention and adoration, the good cooking, the good times and, of course, the great company!

To try to organize the enormous amount of pictures documenting our good times, I've separated them into the following categories: introductions, reunions, activities and the Willster.

Oh, we love Spokane and can't wait to get back there soon. Hopefully, in January!


Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

You are either crazy or amazing for doing that all by yourself. Maybe you are amazing and went a little crazy by the end of the trip.

tida6 said...

So glad you came for a visit. Wow! You had a crazy trip here. Airplane rides are always tough on babies. I remember those days.
It was nice to meet Will and Josh.

Kimberly said...

Looks like such a fun trip. You should go to nicole, cindy ended up in her branch, so she goes to her now too. You guys definitely need to come, or vice versa. Are you going home for christmas this year? we should talk, cause, we need to see little will, he will be like ayear old by the time we see that cute red headed kid!

The Pyper Fam said...

Sounds like a lovely place....why don't you move there?

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

Airplanes are one thing I wish had crystal chandeliers, a great amazing meal prepared by an amazing chef, silk pajames and eye covers, gossip magazines, cashmere bed throws and a personal nanny! I had to fly to Cali from Oklahoma last year by myself which is not as far as New York, but stressful none the less. I think as mothers we truley understand how stressful flying with infants can be. We are just grateful to be off the plane and grateful for mothers who greet us excitedly. Thank goodness for mothers.