Monday, November 10, 2008

9 Months: Sooooo Big!

Yes, another William update. Again, I know that these aren't too exciting but I like to record them for both ancestors' and descendants' sake.
Yup, he's nine months and he is getting soooooooo big! This stage is my FAVORITE--I'm loving it. I always think the current stage he's in is the best (well, maybe not that newborn stage, with all that crying and lack of sleeping). He really is so much fun!

His stats (50% for both):
20 lbs. 4 oz.
28.5 inches long
Fun things the peanut has been up to:
  • crawling EVERYWHERE--his favorite place to crawl is up the stairs (he is obsessed with those darn stairs)
  • making it known what he wants: when he wants anything he crawls up to your legs, stands up and whines.
  • eating EVERYTHING in sight except baby food. He will literally push baby food away. One of his favorite treats right now is toast with homemade raspberry jam. Yum, yum! Plus, when you are eating, WATCH out because he is right there in two seconds, begging for food.
  • feeding himself while eating. Boy, does this make like easier. I just sit him in his highchair, give him some food and voila: two free hands for me.
  • wrestling his stuffed bear. He will just try to eat his nose and tail and roll around on the floor with that bear. It is so darn cute.
  • teething. Finally. He is getting his two bottom teeth as we speak, but they are taking their sweet time.
  • sleeping through the night. Finally. As in 12 hours--7 to 7. None of this getting up to nurse at 5:30 stuff. I am in heaven. I get 8 hours of sleep IN A ROW every night.
  • saying sooooooo big when we ask how big he is (lifting up his arms to the sky. See all pictures).
  • furniture cruising, though I don't encourage this because I don't want him to walk. Ever.
  • sneaking into small spaces. He loves to crawl under his crib. Sometimes he can't get out, though and that makes him mad.
  • laughing and giggling at his dad.
  • never sitting still. Constantly moving. I told Josh the other day I was worried he might have ADHD because even when he is nursing he is moving (sort of makes it difficult, but that makes life interesting).
Saying soooo big with Dada.

Posing with Mama.

Eating, eating, eating!

Making his little "piggy" noises.


Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

He just gets cuter and cuter!! Boy these little people of ours are so busy. They learn things so fast and love to practice any chance they get. Do you ever wonder where all the food they eat goes!! Olivia is the queen of wanting to eat whatever anyone near her is eating. He too cute. I love the updates.

Krista said...

I can't believe that Will is already 9 months. He is sure a cutie and man he looks just like a Spear. I loved the Halloween costume as well!

Danalin said...

Are you kidding? I can never get enough of a WILL fix...keep 'em coming. He IS soooo big and soooo cute. Love the gummy grin in the last picture. Love all of that hair he's getting. Love the picture of you and your little man together.

Oh, and I found out about Josh's calling from Diane Selin's weekly e-mail that she sends out to tons of people, myself included. She just mentioned something about a fireside at her house with the YM Prez talking about his favorite sport...and then I think she mentioned Bro. Madsen in there so that I knew who it was. I'm sure the boys love him! What is JD doing now? I need to e-mail Gina....

RMoncrief said...

I love Wills red hair!! So cute!

Emily Christensen said...

Oh, how I love to read your blog. When I need a good laugh, I can always come to your blog. I love that you have become that kind of mom so that I don't have to feel so bad because I am definitely that kind of mom too. Such is life. I love and miss you. Will looks so cute in Garret's sweater.

The Pyper Fam said...

He looks like a little man in those big boy clothes! :) He is still my favorite in PJ's! :) I can't belive that he is 9 months! It just keeps on getting better and better. I remember always feeling like I loved the stage he was in and wanted Tucker to stay like that forever, but then he would learn a new trick or something and I would want him to stay like that forever! :) anyway...I'm sure it never ends. You have to post a video of the piggy noises--can't wait to hear that. The pictures itself was fabulous! :) Love you and Love Will! :)

tida6 said...

Love the hair! He's all smiles now:) So glad you are getting a full nights sleep. Soooo lucky!!
They grow up to quick. I can't believe I have a 9 year old still. In 3 years I will have a babysitter.