Monday, November 3, 2008

How to have a FABULOUS Halloween:

Exhibit A: (not pictured)
Acquire a free clown costume from some family friends.

Exhibit B:
Locate an adorable, squishy little baby boy. (This may be the trickiest part. It took us four years, an entire team of doctors and--well, let's face it--generations of good genes).

Exhibit C:
Dress said darling baby in acquired clown costume and add some lipstick for rosy cheeks. (Good luck getting baby to smile for the camera, though).

Exhibit D:
Scrounge some not-so-clever costumes for parents of darling little boy.

Exhibit E:
Attend a fun Ward party and a nice neighborhood block party, eat all the candy given to small baby (hey--he couldn't eat it anyway), watch a classic scary thriller (Wait Until Dark) while snuggling by the fire and VOILA: a fabulous Halloween.
Ward Party fun!
If I let go of my dad's hair, I just may fall.

He was pretty confused the whole time we were at the Ward shin-dig. Usually he is in bed at this hour, so he wasn't sure what to make of the fact that not only was he awake and out of the house, he was surrounded by strange looking people in strange looking outfits.
And some more photos for your viewing pleasure:

Oh, Happy, Happy Halloween!


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

I love the bum shot, oh and he makes an adorable clown too!

jess said...

that really is one cute clown... so fun!

RMoncrief said...

Squishy buns, so cute!!

Cookie said...

I love it!! I love those buns!!!!

Danalin said...

Way to go dressing up! We're also last-minute dresser-uppers. That's why you will see no pictures of me or Tyler on my blog post about Halloween...or costumes were NOT cool. Man, that little guy of yours sure makes a cute clown. Of course, he could have made ANY costume look good! Oh, and is Josh the YM Pres?

Jane said...

Cutest clown ever! And the refs and Mr. Incredible are lookin good, too. Can't wait to see all of you in just a few weeks!

bluestocking mama said...

so cute!! i wish joe would dress up :( how fun!

The Pyper Fam said...

I too loved that bum shot! And I loved the confused look on his face in all the pictures. I can imagine Halloween is a hard one to understand for the babes... :) What a cutie and you look great too!!! Hey--can you believe that its already been a year since I was in NY??? I was just thinking about that. crazy how time flies! I need to come again, it was so great to be there with you guys! And even better now that Will would be there too! :) Don't ya think? I think Will would appreciate the freedom trail just as much as Tucker did. :)