Thursday, October 30, 2008

When Did I Become THAT Mom??

Since it took a while for our little boy to join our family, I had a lot of time to determine what kind of parent I wanted to become. Of course, I had much inspiration from moms surrounding me, helping me decide how I would raise my future children (or sometimes, how NOT to raise them). As the years passed and still no baby came, the list only grew longer and longer.

Well, here I am now: a full-fledged mom. And suddenly I've realized that I've become that mom, the mom I swore I'd never become, the mom who is violating those rules she'd made on her precious "list". Yes, I'm the mom who lets her child wear their pajamas all day long (sometimes it's just easier) and I'm the mom who just wears her own pajamas all day long (most days it's just necessary). I'm the mom who doesn't wear make-up, whose house is a mess, whose child has a constant runny nose, whose child screams uncontrollably and for no reason at times. Yes, I've become that mom and for the most part, I've, welcomed her, loved her, even embraced her. However, there is one thing that I swore whole-heartedly I would never become: the flaky mom. But alas, I've found that I am even her in all her constantly-running-late, full-fledged glory. As the months have passed since Will's birth, I've gotten better at gauging my time and arriving at appointments on time (two weeks in a row I was even EARLY for church and since I'm always flying solo and we have 9:00 church, that is no small feat). But today was just one of those days where I was at my worst.

I had a function at 10:00 that I'd already promised to attend and I REALLY wanted to go. Yet this is how the morning went:
  • 5:50--Will wakes up. Not unusual b/c sometimes he will wake up early, nurse and go back to sleep for an hour or two. I thought for sure he would go back to bed since he was up late the night before for the Ward Trunk-or-Treat (pictures to come on that).

  • 6:50--Will still not asleep, just playing in his crib. I finally drag myself out of bed and then get him out of his crib.

  • 7:30--Will tired and whiny. Put him to sleep even though he hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

  • 7:35--I'm tired and whiny. Put me back to sleep even though I hadn't eaten breakfast yet AND I had tons to do.

  • 9:10--Woke up in a shock that I slept so long.

  • 9:35--Showered, hair done, make-up on.

  • 9:45--Salad made, dressing made (from scratch, mind you), thumb sliced real good when slicing apples for said salad, kitchen a mess, but can clean that up later. Salad in car along with Will's diaper bag full of toys and the breakfast he will for sure want to eat.

  • 9:50--Woke Will up from nap, changed his messy diaper and his clothes, put his coat on, strapped him in car.

  • 9:51--Look up address of house on mapquest, shriek in horror when realize it's so FAR (as in I should have left a good half an hour ago far) and try to print off directions.

  • 9:52--Printer out of paper.

  • 9:53--Put paper in printer. Printer still won't print, Will screaming in car b/c he is HUNGRY (and b/c he hates the car).

  • 9:54--Printer still won't print and I can't find my keys.

  • 9:55--No keys, no printing, lots of crying coming from the direction of the garage.

  • 10:00--Still no keys.

  • 10:10--Get Will OUT of the car, look for Ward directory to call the hostess, find it and learn that Will has eaten half the directory, including the page with the phone number I need.

  • 10:15--Finally find hostess' number, call her with the lame but true excuse that I cannot find my car keys and apologize profusely for my flakiness all the while Will screaming in the background because at this point he is starving.

  • 10:20--Printer prints.

  • 10:21--Retrieve food out of diaper bag to feed my crying baby and locate my keys: hidden in a crevice in the deep recesses of my diaper bag. Argh.

  • 10:30--Will fed and calmed.

  • 10:31--Realized I have become that mom. Eat some Halloween candy, go on a walk with Will and get over it. We all have our days.
  • 12:30--Can't find my keys. Again.


tida6 said...

Oh Jess, welcome to the days of a moms life. You are so normal. I am in my pajamas as we speak along with Kaitlyn, who of course is still wearing her pajamas, that means she's wearing a wet pull-up, too. Yuck! I have been lazy today and still have to make tons of cookies for Sarah's Halloween party, do 4 loads of laundry, and a load of dishes.
You are not alone!! Enjoy these days of one, for 2, 3, & 4 make life a whole lot more busy. And I want more am I crazy!


jess said...

it happens to the best of us...

Megan said...

I miss the days when my plans actually went according to my plan! Welcome to the club, at least you are in good company. :)

RMoncrief said...

There's nothing wrong with wearing pajamas all day and I don't even have kids! In fact my nephew, Mason, was visiting this summer and asked "Rosie, why are you always wearing your pajamas?" I replied, "because they are so comfy!" "Well then," he says " I'm just going to call you JAMAS!!" he is so cute!

Jason, Cookie, Olivia said...

I thought you were suppose to wear your pjs all day to cut back on laundry!! Is that not right? I've seen you in action and you are a wonderful mom.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

We all are THAT mom. It's necessary to become her, so we can all relate to each other and have something to talk about. After having the same trouble with my keys I finally bought one of those caribeaner things and hook them to myself or my purse. It can take forever to find them in the diaper bag abyss!

The Pyper Fam said...

Oh you make me laugh!:) That was the story of my life before I had Tucker, so you can imagine how bad it is now for me with Tucker in tow... yikes!

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

Welcome to the world of mommy reality. We all swear to never walk out of the house with kids in bare feet, (but sometimes you just can't find one of the 7 pairs of shoes) Never go to bed with a dirty house, (Yah right!) and all those things we swear not to do. However today in Relief Society, our teacher read a poem about leaving the dishes the cleaning and all that needs to get done and spending more time with our kids, because kids don't keep. Before you know it they are all grown up and you'll find you are grateful for spending so much time with your cute adorable little boy.

Emily said...

I think this is one of my favorite posts I have ever read. It's so REAL and something we all understand! You're doing great! BTW, Will looks adorable in his clown costume!