Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Fotos!

While in Spokane, my friend Taraka took these cute family photos--some of the whole Spear clan and some of just our family. They turned out darling and since Taraka is an up and coming photographer in Spokane, I thought I'd give her a plug on my blog!!
Mama and her baby boy. Oh, I love this kid!
Dada and his little guy. What a handsome duo, no?
Mad Family!
More Mad family...
The entire Spear clan. Boy, was that fun trying to get us all to fit!
Grammy and Pompa and their 8 grandkids (and they say they want 25...I think this trip quickly changed their mind). I am loving Will's face in these pictures--like get me out of here!
More of the grandkids. My parents are just eating it up.
The "original" Spear clan.
Oh, and we CAN be serious at times!
Great job, Taraka. If ever you are in need of a great photographer and happen to be in the greater Spokane area, look her up....Not only is she a great photographer, but a wonderful friend, wife, mother, driver, runner, talker (boy, can she talk), sleeper (except when you have to wake her up EARLY), and, perhaps most important of all, she is a SUPERB eater! Ha, ha!


jess said...

sooo cute. can i just say how much i love that red hair?! and you look awesome jessy.

Jason, Cookie, Olivia said...

I love it! Taraka did a great job. She of course had a great fam to work with. I love love the one with you and Will. You both have beautiful eyes!!!

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

It looks like a fun photo shoot. I think you all look fantastic! Taraka you did an awsome job!

Lindsey said...

Great family photos, and I am loving your cute hair!

Krista said...

Jessy you always know how to look so cute. I love the photos and it is so fun to see your whole family. I can't believe all the grandkids. I love the photos of you, Will, and Josh. Taraka did an excellent job.