Friday, October 24, 2008

The Last Days of Fall...

Well, it's heading nigh unto winter here in upstate NY. The forecast for next week: yuck, yucky and yuckier (that IS the official forecast, I'm sure). So, since today was Josh's Friday off, we had to take advantage of one of our truly last great days of fall. It was perfect: cool, crisp air, clear blue skies and fantastic fall foliage. Love it. And we had the perfect day: a little yard work (raking up the piles of leaves), a picturesque hike, and a trip to Target followed by dinner at Panera (how is this not a good day?). Oh, fall--please don't leave us!
Will in the pile of leaves (of course he's trying to eat the leaves).

Here he's thinking, "Now, why did my parents think it would be fun to be thrown into a pile of leaves?"

He was truly fascinated by Josh's fine ability to rake up those leaves.

Crawling toward his mama.

With Dada on the hike.

Now with Mama. Boy Ma, you look hot!

The trees in our yard.

Will enjoying his last few days of the swing (he DOES enjoy it--I swear; I just can never capture his smile on camera).

Playing in the leaves with his ma. Who is having more fun?


The Pyper Fam said...

Jessy, I have to say that you are becoming quite the photographer since joining the ranks of motherhood! :) I love love love the leaf pictures. That kid is so cute, i just want to eat him up!
And that is so nice of you to let that homeless woman pose for those pictures with Will on your hike. I bet it made her day! :) ha ha! I love you! :) How come you guys are so dang cute and fun....too bad for us you are so far away! You are so lucky to be in the NE during fall though, I hear its the absolute most gorgeous place to be this time of year. And from all the pics I've seen, I believe it! Tucker finally this year has gotten excited about holiday 'things'. Whenever we go out to the car to go somewhere, he wants to go get 'punkins'. Don't feel bad about the greenbluff thing. I didn't even know it existed either, until I was married and living here. What's wrong with us, seriously? :)

RMoncrief said...

Wow! You do look hot!! Will looked so cute in the leaves all bundled up!

Jason, Cookie, Olivia said...

So cute!! I am getting worried that winter is coming too. You are one sexy mama by the way! Any chance you'll be in Utah for any of the holidays?

Emily said...

The trees in your yard are so great! We've been wanting to make it up that way for the fall leaves for years, but it just hasn't happend. When did life get so busy and crazy? Will is such a cutie! You know he's only a few months older than Aly~maybe we'll have to set them up in college (post missions and graduation!).

tida6 said...

The pictures are so cute! I love the leaves and I'm not looking forward to bare trees and a cold breeze.
Will looks so adorable in his blue hat. I love that you are going on adventures with him. He's one lucky boy.
Oh and you do look smokin hot in those sweats. Can I borrow them?

:) Tiff