Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Have a Great {31st} Birthday

1. Wake up at the crack of dawn so that you can beat the crowd at the DMV (nothing like putting off your driver's license renewal until the very last minute).
2. Half hour after that wake-up time, greet your child in the hallway, a child who has previously never met you in the hallway in the morning. Yes, that very child, on your special day, has learned how to climb out of his crib, altering life as you know it. Happy B-day, Mama.
3. Arrive at the DMV at 7:57 a.m. Attain the coveted #1 spot and quickly exit with a shiny new driver's license (unfortunately, also exit with a much lighter wallet. $65 are you kidding me!?).
4. Go grocery shopping at Walmart. (I don't know about you, but Walmart is always on my list of fun things to do on my birthday)
5. Drive to grocery store #2 since the aforementioned Walmart didn't have everything you needed.
6. Pay an exorbitant amount of money at grocery store #2 and suddenly appreciate the value that is Walmart (with the good comes the bad, right?)
7. Change your first (and let's hope only) major toddler blow-out (and I mean BLOW-OUT), complete with giving said toddler a bath.
8. Babysit two neighbor children, leaving you to care for three children under the age of three.
9. For first half hour, think to yourself, "I could totally do this--having three kids 18 months apart isn't so bad."
10. For the next two and a half hours, think to yourself, "AHHHHHHHH! Why would anyone do this?"
11. Rock crying 8-month-baby girl until she finally falls asleep. Read your own child a story and get him in his crib for his afternoon nap.
12. Once again, greet your child in the hallway, accompanied by squeals of delight at his proud accomplishment.
13. For the next hour, continually be greeted by child in hallway. After that, just give up, lock your child in his room for 1/2 hour, only to hear him playing choo-choos and cars.
14. Once your hubby comes home, go on a much-needed bike ride.
15. On that bike ride, get chased by a dog, stared-down by a cow and followed by a chicken.
16. Come home to a newly fashioned crib for your child (holes drilled lower to move the mattress down), a clean house, a sleeping child and a scrumptious homemade dinner. (It was a long bike ride).

Happy Birthday to me. At least I got I greeted by a b-day video from this guy: (Josh had this video waiting for me on the computer when I woke up. Very sweet). And at least every year I insist on having a birthweek. So, here's to more, and hopefully better, celebrating! {Friday is when I plan on having my b-day re-do since Josh has this Friday off}. Enjoy this little gem of Will singing "Mama Mia!" and wishing me a Happy B-day!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday Jessy! Thank goodness for birth-week. Will is so cute in that video. Way to teach your little boy Abba at such a young age. Hope to see you next week!

Danalin said...

1. Happy Birthday week! I hope it gets better and better (has to, right? :) )

2. 65 smackers for a driver's license...what?! You need to move to a different state, preferably Washington.

2. We, too, are Walmart grocery shoppers and every small trip to other grocery stores reminds me why

3. You're a good friend to babysit on your birthday!

4. That little Will singing Mamma Mia! is one of the cutest things I've seen! He is adorable.

5. We love Silly Tilly (Will's little feet were playing with it during the video...we currently have it checked out from the library)

6. Have a fabulous birthday weekend - can't wait to hear all about it!

7. My birthday is next month (30th!) and I am going to leave this comment and then tell Tyler all of the reasons why I should have a birthday WEEK.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday Jess! I think you did way too much on your birthday. I hope you still don't have the climbing out of bed problem...Have a great birthday weekend!

Cookie, Jason, Olivia, and Mya said...

wow what an eventful day! $65 for a drivers license is crazy! 3 kids under 3 no thanks!! love wal mart. wal mart loves my money. happy birthday even though its late, but i was thinking about you on the actual day!

Vickie Blanchard said...

I certainly hope the rest of your birthday week was more fun! Love Will singing mama mia!

Emily Christensen said...

What a birthday Jessy. Will you are so cute! We miss you all.