Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Christensens Hit Manhattan

My sister and her family came out to visit the beginning of April. They flew into Albany, where we had a fun few days hanging out, bowling, geo-caching, playing games and watching conference. Then we braved the crowds, trains and taxis of New York City. We hit up the Empire State Building, FAO Schwartz, The Natural History Museum, The Shake Shack (of course) and Central Park. Will and I joined them for a couple days, then we headed home, while they stayed longer for some fun--Manhattan style. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we were so glad they came. Will still talks of his cousins and "Aunty Em" and "Uncle Kirt" often. Thanks Christensens, for a fun time--come again and soon!

I had to include this photo because it made me laugh (even though my sister is going to kill me). Above pictured: the true Christensen family in all their glory. Below pictured: the Christensen family at their best. This was at the Empire State Building. It was free-zing cold and uber windy.

Will and his mama were there, too.

Will and the gi-normous Cookie Monster at FAO Schwartz. I kid you not, this kid went up to every.single.stuffed animal and wanted to hug it.

Will and the Granny piano, as he called it (because last time we were in NYC he played on the piano with Granny and we watch the video of it all.the.time).

Will and the life-sized Chewbaca made out of Lego's.

One morning, Katie, Will and I walked to Central Park while we were waiting for the maintenance people to unlock the door Garret locked in the apartment they rented (and locking both his and Tanner's shoes in there. Fun times). But it was a gorgeous spring day and Will and Katie had a ball at the park. And then we even walked to the Natural History Museum, which was a lot of walking, especially for Katie (Will was in a stroller). But she did a great job (even if I did have to bribe her with a treat) and we made it in no time to the Natural History Museum.

Will and Katie on the slide. It was such a fun park. I've never seen so many nice strollers and nannies before, though. What a different world than mine.

We went back to the park after the museum to play some more. Will loved him some Tanner. Will really, really needs an older brother.


Krista said...

I love the two Christensen photos in their true glory! Your hair is super cute by the way. Love the bangs