Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Easter=First Counsin=First Cold

Soooooooooo, what do you think baby Willy got for his first-ever Easter? Do you think he got a visit from the Easter Bunny? (If you think this, you are wrong). Do you think he got a cute basket full of goodies to commemorate this, his first holiday? (Again, if you think this then you are sadly once again wrong). But if you do think that he got his first visit from his ever-loving (and I mean LOVING) cousin Beth who then proceeded to give him his first ever cold, then you would be right. Thus, the equation: first Easter=meeting your first first cousin, Beth (who you loved)=getting your first little cold and regressing to waking up every few hours at night because you can't breathe out of your cute button nose and crying most of the day. Happy Easter, Willy; hopefully, next year we'll just invite the Easter Bunny.....

Beth looooooooooved her some baby Willy, saying things like, "I'm dying to meet baby Willy!" and asking me every two seconds, "When is Will going to wake up? When is Will going to wake up?" Some other of my favorite Beth-isms from the weekend: When I told her that I didn't have a lullaby CD for Will, this was her response, "Jessy, you are a bad mama." When talking to her dad on the phone who, sadly, couldn't come, she said, "We left you an Easter treat in the fridge, but you can't open it until tomorrow; it's a card and chocolates!" That Beth is a character.

I'm not sure what Will thought of all this lovin'.

This is my favorite shot...look at his face!

So sweet. Oh, that Beth is a doll.

A nice close-up in his cute outfit that my nice friend Megan sent (thanks, Megs! I LOOOVE it)!

Happy Easter! Thanks Amy and Beth for coming. We really did love your visit (I loved it even more than the Easter Bunny visit since Amy cooked and cleaned for us, making us yummy homemade bread, and a dream of an Easter dinner that I didn't cook one thing for or do one dish. I don't think the Easter bunny would have done all that). Can't wait to see you again soon.


Megan said...

Have I told you before how cute he is?? Well he is. And honestly as I looked through the pictures, I thought, "He is dressed so cute. Jessy's just got cute taste." Am I a retard or what? I didn't even recognize the outfit! But it did make me feel better to realize, maybe I've got good taste too. ;) Or maybe Will just makes everything look adorable!

Mikaela said...

No lullaby CD? What kind of mother are you? :) And I don't think babies get any cuter than yours. If I was around, I'd probably snuggle the stuffing out of him as well.

Carlie said...

Oh my gosh...he looks just like his daddy! I couldn't really see it in the earlier pics but it is very apparent now! Sorry Jessy, maybe the next one will show some resemblence, this guy's his daddy's boy!

The Jensen Family said...

Hi Jessy, this is melissa (mathwig). I went blog hopping and found yours from meg from cami. Anywho, congratulations on your new little addition. He is so cute. I am glad you are doing well.

tida6 said...

Sorry Will got a cold...not fun! I hope he's feeling better. Glad you guys had fun with your niece. She sound like she's the boss. We have one of those, too!