Monday, April 7, 2008

Time Flies!

Two months! Yikes, how time flies when you're having fun...that is if you call sleep deprivation, head colds and diarrhea fun! But in between the messy diapers and the stuffy noses, there have been some serious smiles and lots of cooing and, of course, some snuggling. Here are some of my favorite pics of month two of Will's life.
Oh, how he loves to stand!
Chillin' with Dad whilst "watching" conference.
He was so enraptured with conference he fell asleep (and he never just "falls asleep". He must have been really stimulated).Showing off his neck muscles.
Playing on the playmat--he loves his playmat. Thanks to Auntie Em who gave this to him. It's a hit!
More playmat--hitting all the wild animals.
Even though this picture is so fuzzy, I love it because this is how we like to take walks in the freezing NY weather. It's like Will is a floating head and feet!
Staring down Dada...and why wouldn't you when he's making a face like that?

We went to the doctor today and he got his shots (ouch! However, it was not as bad as I anticipated. I made Josh come with me and after it was done, Josh said that Will didn't cry any more than he does when he has to get his clothes changed....).

Here's his stats:
10 lb. 5 oz (25%)
23 inches long (50%)

He's not a great napper, which is making his mom crazy because she keeps TRYING to get him to take at least two naps a day (he usually gets at least one) but he IS a good night sleeper (usually), going to bed around 6-7 and sleeping until 8-9 the next morning (getting up twice to nurse, of course).

We seriously LOVE this little guy and I cry a little every day, knowing that he is getting bigger every second. Though exhausted and emotional, I am trying to soak in all the cuteness that goes with this stage.

(Any advice on how to get this cute kid to take naps? He goes to sleep and then wakes up 5-10 minutes later, then I get him to sleep again only to have him wake up 5-10 minutes after that and so on and so on. I've read all the books and tried all the tricks I can think of...I am seriously considering letting him cry it out, but is he too little????? I would love any tips from all you professional moms out there!)


Dumuro said...

See Please Here

Megan said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE the picture of Will wrapped up in Josh's coat! I just started laughing because it is so dang cute! Anyways, I am so sorry you are sleep deprived. It will get better though! Although I am not even in the league of professionals, I'll email you more what worked for me.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

These are the first pictures I have seen of your boy...already two months old. He is adorable! I wish we could see you guys more often. It sounds like life is fun as usual.

tida6 said...

Love the picture of little Will all snuggled up in Josh's jacket. Glad to hear he is a happy and healthy boy.

The Pyper Fam said...

Happy two month b-day Willy! (a little late) I haven't talked to you guys in a while, so I just wanted to say hi! How is the nap time thing coming? I was trying to remember when Tucker was just 2 months old, and it is hard to even remember. But let me tell you, just when you think you have their 'schedule' changes!:) It does get better though! I'm just impressed that he is such a good little guy so young! I can't wait to see him!
Love you guys,

Emily Gold said...

Will's getting so big? Is is starting to warm up in NY yet? We've had great weather this past week--I love spring in the east! I empathise with the sleep deprivation--I dread night coming b/c I know how much I'll be up. Oh well, a newborn is totally worth it.

Fenridal said...

See Please Here

Danalin said...

I thought I already commented on this post...guess not. Jessy, Will is SOOO cute! He has such a little man look about his face on such a tiny body. He's got no chubs to speak of, does he? I love all of the pictures. Can you believe how fast the time passes?!

Advice on sleeping? I got none, sista. Except that I don't think he's too young to cry it out, especially if it's making you crazy. I have to warn you how hard it is at first, but both Tyler and I have talked about how crying doesn't bother us as much this time around. That sounds harsh - hmmm...I don't mean that we let our baby cry all of the time, but it's easier to take when we're in the car and just can't help her until we've reached our destination...with Max that would have had me in tears. But I'm about ready to start letting her put herself to sleep instead of holding/rocking her to sleep. I think I started that with Max at 3 months and I was amazed at how much better he slept and how easily he adapted. I just love holding a sleeping baby so I can't seem to start that from the get-go like the Baby Whisperer wants you to do. So no real advice, like I said, just a few little stories that are not helpful at all. Sorry! :)

Keep the pictures coming. I love baby Will!