Monday, April 21, 2008

It's a BIRTHDAY Miracle!

Yes, yesterday was the celebration of my 29 years of life and I'll bet all you new moms know what I wanted for my b-day: SLEEP, more sleep and then some more sleep. And boy, did Will deliver. On my b-day night, he went down with only a little fuss and then proceeded to sleep 8 WHOLE HOURS in a ROW. If only I had slept that long. He went down at 8 and slept until 4. I, however, didn't go down until 9:30 and then slept only until 3:30 when I woke in pain from missing a feeding (OW!) and also in fear, wondering if my baby was still breathing. But let me tell you, people, that was the best 6 hours of sleep I've gotten in a long time (well, the only consolidated 6 hours of sleep I've gotten in the last 11 weeks). It was a grand b-day celebration and, I daresay, a Birthday Miracle that, hopefully, will be continued for nights to come!
Here are some cute pictures of the little PEANUT!
He is getting so good at keeping his head up. And I loved this picture because it has his serious/scowl look that he so loves to have.

He also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to smile at his mama. And, finally, we got a true smile on camera.
For my b-day dinner I wanted grilled burgers with all the fixin's and a picnic where everyone was happy. And I got it. Will played in his bouncy seat (he LOVES his bouncy seat) in the shade while Josh and I ate some yummy, yummy burgers. Then, when I wanted a picture to document the event, Will started to cry. He had had enough! But I'll post the picture anyway because he is still stinkin' cute.


Megan said...

Happy birthday Jessy. I have a birthday memory for you. Remember 10 years ago, when we were celebrating your 19th birthday, we blind folded you and crammed (like 8 people)into Reed's Nissan Sentra and drove to Denny's for breakfast? I think you even had a birthday crown for the event. I think birthday #29 was only a small step up from that momentous day.
P.S. LOVE the cherries
P.S.S LOVE Will even MORE

Megan said...

Did you ever get my email about sleep? I sent it a few weeks ago but it kept bouncing back to me? email me your address- maybe I have the wrong one.

Pen Drive said...

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whitney said...

happy birthday jessy!! i always remember that the shootings at columbine high school happened on your birthday our way back when... what a wonderful memory, huh? :) little will is so precious... i just want to kiss his cute, little wrinkled face.

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

Hey Jessy, I'm so glad I found your blog. It has been ages. I'm so glad to see that you are doing well. Congratulations on the cute cute cute baby Willy. What a doll! Happy Birthday! You look fantastic.
Lindi Harry (Jenson)

The Pyper Fam said...

Jessy-you're alive!:) Did you get our wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday on your answering machine? If not, we would certainly be willing to sing it again for you! :) I really didn't want to call you on your birthday, but Tucker begged and begged me! :) I'm glad to hear that little Will is treating his mama good on her b-day! :) Can you believe that we are already 29?(well, me in one month) CRAZY! You look so good! And little Will is getting so cute! I L-O-V-E the picture of him smiling! Baby smiles and laughs are the best! Well, the blogging world has missed you! I'm glad you're back and doing so well, and you had a fabulous b-day! Love you! T