Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aunty Em & Cousin Garret!

As soon as my parents left, my sista and her youngest son, Garret, came to visit. Oh, how I LOVED having my sister here: we went on walks, visited, read books and just relaxed. It made me realize how much I miss living by her and how much I miss having family close by, especially now that I have a little tike of my own. There is nothing like having a built in friend always ready to play. I can safely say she is my favorite sister (of course, she is my only sister, but she's still definitely my favorite). Thanks, Em and Garret for trekking cross country to visit. We miss you already!

Emily and Garret. Em still looks good even though it was one of those great lazy Saturdays where we went to breakfast and came home and lounged around, never bothering to shower! Will wasn't too interested in Garret, though Garret sure wanted to attack Will every time he saw him. We, of course, had to stop him from mauling little Will, especially since Garret had pink eye (though it didn't manifest until he got to NY. I think it must be a prerequisite to come to my house and get sick...Luckily, Will did not contract pink eye).
The darling outfit that my sister bought Will. He wore it to church today and won all the ladies' hearts. Thanks for the perfect Madsen plaid outfit.


whitney said...

did she get that outfit at target? because i think i have the same exact one. kadin wore it last year for easter. emily has really good taste. :)

Ryan & Angela Spear said...

That outfit is super cute. In fact, before I even read about it, I thought it was a cute outfit. It helps a ton that it is on a super cute little boy.

Emily Christensen said...

Hey you. Garret only has one t in his name just in case you were wondering. We are awful that we didn't even get one picture of Garret and Will together while I was there. I'm kind of bummed. I guess we will just have to come back soon. Love ya

Emily Christensen said...
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