Thursday, March 27, 2008

We HEART Granny!

Josh's mom (Granny) came a few weeks ago, but alas, it is just now that I am finding the time to post about it. Who knew babies were so much work?

As always, we had fun with Granny and in an effort to sum up her visit, I have opted to list the oh-so-many reasons that we heart Granny.....especially when she visits.

We heart Granny....

1. Because she loves to laugh. She has the greatest laugh and is always ready to have a grand time. We know baby Will will love her laugh just like her other grandkids do.

2. Because she cooks TASTY roast for us. Yummy, yummy in my tummy. We don't know how she does it (actually we do, because she has shown me countless times, but it NEVER tastes like hers when I attempt it), but she always makes the best roast AND she makes enough to feed ten small armies, so we have plenty left over.

3. Because she makes us stuff, like the DARLING baby blanket she made for baby Will (see picture below--it does not do the blanket justice) and the much-needed hand-knit dish rags. That Granny is very handy!

4. Because when she comes, Jane comes, too. And baby Will loved him his Aunt Jane. Too bad I have no photos to document the event (shocking!). But we loved having Jane come and visit. Can't wait to see her again soon!

5. Because she spoils us rotten, with trips to BJ's for diapers and supplies, shopping for some much-needed nursing tops, dinners out, etc., etc.

6. Because she loved her some baby Will, holding him, singing to him and even sleeping with him for a while one night when he was fussy.

7. Finally, we heart our Granny because she is plain crazy and I mean crazy in a good way. She loves maps (she went to Walmart and bought us only a map because, apparently, none of ours were sufficient); she loves to travel and only pack one to two outfits, regardless of the duration of the trip, yet she brings two suitcases full of her special pillows; she loves to sleep in extra late; she thinks it much more prudent to buy movies than rent them and then give them away (we watched/got Mr. and Mrs. Smith this trip!). We could go on and on about Granny's neurotic ways, but mostly, she is just crazy about her kids and grandkids and that's why we love her. Thanks for coming, Granny and hopefully, you'll come again soon...I need more movies.


Chicken Coop Crafts said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby boy! We can't wait to meet him. I just loved your post... I have so mnny fond memories of "granny" Adele. Although she will always be "AnAdele" to me since when I was little that was what Aunt Adele sounded like and what I called her.
Here's my favorite's:
-Car dusters (paint brushes) are a must in every vehicle.
-If ever wondering where to spit watermelon seeds the best place is right back in the bowl.
-Macaroni and cheese is best made with two cheese powder packets.(Actually I think Annie taught me this one.)
-It is a sin not to order scallops when eating out near any body of water.
-Every mother should know how to take a good picture.
-Everyone is an entertainer.
-And my favorite, how she tells everyone she loves them and they are her favorite.

Natalie Wright

The Pyper Fam said...

Yeah, baby Willy is back! I was just getting on to scold you and your absence. But I was so happy to see that baby Willy is getting plenty of lovin'. How are things? I'm glad you've been able to get spoiled again with another Granny there. He is so dang cute, Jessy! I can't wait to see him, live and in person! Continue taking great pictures, I am very impressed, by the way, that you are such a great photographer-- I never knew you had it in you! Love ya!

tida6 said...

Glad to see you blogging again! I check it every week and was happy to see you had posted. Baby Will is getting so big. He's so photogenic.
Grandmas are so fun...I love to be spoiled when they come.