Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One MONTH Older & Wiser Too!

Look at my nice hair-do. Thanks to my cowlick, my hair is constantly standing up, like Alf-Alfa's.
I am sooo close to smiling (since my b-day I have smiled--HOORAY!)
Wrapped in swaddling clothes.
After my walk with Dada. I fell fast asleep. It looks cold, but really it was finally above 50 degrees that day.
More swaddling. I sure am stinkin' cute!

Happy One-Month B-day, Baby Willy (last Thursday, that is. I'm a little slow in getting this post out, but the pictures were all taken on his b-day). You are one month older and you just may be one month wiser but one thing's for sure: your parents are definitely wiser, wiser as to what your likes and dislikes are. So, in honor of your big day, your loving mama will now list a few of your favorite things as well as a few of your unfavorite things (yes, that is a word).

Here are a few of your favorite things:

1. Rocking in your great-grandpa's rocking chair with Dada.
2. Being swaddled snug as a bug (thanks to the help of the miracle blanket, without which you would NEVER stay swaddled since you are like Houdini and can get out of any swaddling).
3. Being sung to--your favorite song is "You are My Sunshine" and the theme song from the movie "The Man from Snowy River" which your dada has been singing to you since you were in utero (that movie is, sad to say, one of your dada's favorite).
4. The Baby Bjorn: you especially like walks with Dada all wrapped up in his jacket and you really like vacuuming with Mama whilst in the Baby Bjorn.
5. Sleeping. Like your mama, you heart sleeping. Too bad it is quite the task to get you to sleep!
6. Of course, you like eating! Who doesn't?

Here are a few of your unfavorite things:

1. When the dog bites; when the bee stings; when I'm feeling sad (ha, ha).
2. Getting your diaper/clothes changed. (According to the Baby Whisperer, all you need to do is talk your baby through this process and then VOILA! your child will no longer wail whilst being changed and/or clothed. Well, she is so not right. I tried, saying things like, "Now we will change your diaper. Now I am going to wipe your bummy", etc., etc., etc. This is what I got in response from Willy: "WAAAAAAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!").
3. Getting bathed. Hopefully, you will enjoy this soon because some days it just isn't worth the hassle and boy, are you starting to smell. Maybe for your second month b-day you'll get a bath:)
4. Passing gas. Argh! It hurts you so, so much and it wakes you up at night and at nap times. You writhe in pain and cry, cry, cry and it makes your mama so, so sad because she does NOT know how to help you. Plus, some days it makes your mama CRAZY because she needs sleep, too, you know.
5. Trips to Babies 'R Us. As some of you may be aware, I am a little paranoid about talking my child out in public for several reasons. First, it's dang cold here still. Second, it is still flu season and I have no desire for my baby to get sick. Third, I'm a bit baffled by all baby contraptions and quite frankly, they scare me; I still maintain that the most difficult part of having a baby is figuring out all the gadgets--I am just no good with my hands. Finally, I have this fear of little Will screaming the entire time we are out and that I will be unable to console him. Well, finally I ventured out, taking the little guy to Babies 'R Us for some much-needed supplies. And just as I feared, he screamed the ENTIRE time!!! (And just as I feared, I had troubles with said baby contraptions. His stinkin' car seat wouldn't fit in the slot on the shopping cart. Argh). Maybe next time will go better, that is if there is a next time.

Oh, Will, how we love you, with all your likes and dislikes. We can't imagine our lives without you, though we vaguely do recall days where we slept, showered, did our hair, had a clean house, and actually left the house (hopefully, I'll get over this fear soon). Happy B-day, Buster Brown!


jess said...

oh yeah! happy one month little will! can you believe how fast the time flies? and don't worry - things will get a little easier... although today i still have not showered, gotten dressed, left the house, etc. and i'm perfectly ok with that!! and by the way- if there is any place for your baby to scream, it is at babies r'us. everyone there knows EXACTLY what you are going through! i used to hate that too because i thought everyone was staring at me thinking what a bad mom i am. now, i just don't care! i know i'm doing my best!

Emily Christensen said...

Will you are so cute. I can't wait to meet you.

Mikaela said...

I agree. He is stinkin' cute.

Ryan & Angela Spear said...

He is so cute. You must love to just stare at him. And I totally agree. Taking Kathleen in public was so terrifying. And she too cried the whole time. But by babies two and three I had it down. I guess that was how long it took me to figure out the contraptions. But I think you will get it faster.

Rindi said...

Oh, I have been there. I agree about not taking him out. I am the same way with my new little ones. Also, I HOPE you have figured out the beauty of Milicon Drops. That really helps with the burping and the gas---that is the one thing I try never to run out of with my new babies. just a few drops and they start to settle down and go back to sleep. Anyway, you've probably already tried that. he is super cute and things will only get easier!!

Megan said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you and your blog!? Really truly! Whenever I need a laugh I know all I need to do is turn to the literary genius of you. My blogging life would not be the same without you... lucky baby willy has a very funny mommy.

The Pyper Fam said...

Little Willy is getting cuter and cuter everyday. When are you going to come to Spokane and let us spoil him? (I know I'm not the only one in Spokane dying for some time with him) Sorry for the absence, we've been out of town. I went to Utah for over a week! And I'm still trying to recover from it all!(don't worry, I'll blog all about it!) :)
Love ya, Taraka

tida6 said...

Jessy you are such a cute momma!! I really enjoy hearing all about your adventures with William. As crazy as it sounds it makes me want another baby. I really love the newborn stage and all of it's ups and downs. It's the only time next to the temple that you can feel close enough to Heaven. Cherish that time, because they grow up so fast. Email me sometime...
adamsonsweetpea98 at