Friday, July 6, 2012

Just for Kix

 Lucy loves her some Kix cereal.  She will do just about anything for Kix.  And, of course, she spills them everywhere; thus, walking in my kitchen is like walking in a veritable land mine of Kix.  If ever I am sweeping up the constant trail of Kix, she is always crawling around, desperately trying to eat them before I can sweep them up.  It's a crack-up.  One day I just swept them around and around the island as she just kept crawling in circles, around and around the island, with hopes of soon catching me and my pile of Kix.  She doesn't seem to mind that they were once on the floor.  Will likes to play a game with her that he entitled, "Hunting for Kix."  He just places Kix around the living room floor and watches her hunt all around the room for them (very sanitary, I know).  And watch out if you are currently in the possession of said Kix--she will hunt you down and find you and beg, beg, beg until given those precious morsels called Kix.  All in the name of Kix.  Here's some photo documentation of this little girl's Kix fetish.

Aw, we love you Lucy.  Even if you may or may not have a serious Kix addiction.


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

That is so funny! She's such a cutie. We got our pool at Walmart. It was $150 and we do have to chlorinate it. You can buy a salt water filter for another $100 or so if you don't want to deal with chlorine. It's super easy to put up. We leave it up all summer. It does ruin the grass, but worth it when it's so hot outside. It just doesn't usually get very warm. We bought a solar cover this year so we will see how that works out. I hope you can find something you like and beat the nasty heat!