Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who Wants a Clean House?

Finally, I cleaned my house--I mean really cleaned my house: the oven, microwave, fridge, pantry, bathrooms, and even dusted everywhere:) I thought that since this was so rare, I would take advantage and post some pictures of our house (also so that I could document that at one time my house was this clean). For those of you who don't know, Josh and I have lived in upstate NY, about 20 miles northwest of Albany, for a little over two years now and we bought a cute new house two years ago in November. We LOVE our house. I love so many things about new homes: the closets (tons & HUGE); the cleanliness (knowing I have been the first and only person to use my toilet); and the opportunity to choose the carpet, tile, cabinetry, etc. There are a few things that I don't love about new homes: no window treatments anywhere (we've spent a fortune on blinds, curtains, etc.); the yard--our yard has been and probably forever will be a royal mess; and the sometimes lack of character that new homes have--no old architechture or hard wood floors. To make up for that lack of character, we've had fun painting EVERY room in the house, most a different color. Josh hasn't really had fun, because he despises painting, but we've enjoyed the finished product. So, now for your viewing pleasure, you too can enjoy the finished product.
Above is the living/family room! This is my favorite room because it's really one of the few I've actually decorated.

Another view of the living room. This was the first room we painted and this is the second color...I found it so difficult to choose paint color! In fact, I have so many paint samples that I could have my own paint shop!Yet another view of the living room.
The living room as seen from the kitchen.

The kitchen: hooray! Notice the lovely curtains my mom and I made. Nice, eh?
More kitchen....I, clearly, am obsessed with red. I found that red phone at Pottery Barn and just had to have it. I waited for it to go on sale, then bought it for myself for Christmas. Merry Christmas to me!
The dinette, complete with the table and chairs from Josh's kind grandpa.
The entryway.
This room is technically a dining room and, unfortunately, the first room you see when you walk in the house. I say unfortunately because unfortunately we have NO furniture. I want to make it into a beautiful study/den/library but I want the perfect furniture. Well, the perfect furniture is far too expensive, so I'll just wait until I strike it rich. I do, however, love the paint in here. Of course, it is red and we (by we, I mean Josh) put up the chair rail a little higher than usual to add a fun little flair of style. Now, stayed tuned for the furniture to fill this room (that will be quite some time, but I'm sure you can wait if I can!).
My camera died before I could take pictures of the upstairs, but I'll post pictures soon. Hopefully, you can stand the wait....


Lauren said...

I do I do! Will you come and clean mine? :) Your house is SO cute! Can't wait to see the upstairs.

Danalin said...

I can vouch for the cuteness...although there have been many changes since we were there. It looks so cute, Jessy! I love the colors. I have splattered red throughout my house a bit as well - not as much or in such a cute way as you, though. Is the upstairs all painted as well? We're talking EVERY room has new paint?! Looks awesome.

Ryan & Angela Spear said...

Your house is so cute. It brings back some fun memories. I just need you to come visit me now and help me decorate my house.

The Pyper Fam said...

Jessy your house is like straight out of Pottery Barn! I love it, I can't wait to come and see it. Just to warn you though, Tucker is kind of a mess, he is really bad at cleaning up after himself. When I was pregnant, I would follow Ben around with a vaccuum when I was nesting. It was bad! :)I kind of developed OCD with cleanliness, although that has long since passed, after having a 9 month old who is learning to pull everything out and off of tables and shelves. Anyway, it was so nice to finally be able to picture your cute house that I've heard so much about!