Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Puppy

What is cute, cuddly, furry all over (well, sort-of) and follows you wherever you go, constantly underfoot and ALWAYS begging for food? No, it's not a puppy, as one might think, but it IS my baby boy, Will. He just HAS to be where I am. If I'm in the kitchen, then he's in the kitchen. If I'm in the bathroom, then HE'S in the bathroom (lucky him). But his F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E place to be is at my feet while I am on the computer. He grabs the chair, trying to pull himself up (which is difficult since it's a swivel chair), he sucks on my toes, he scratches the chair, he eats the chair, he crawls under the desk and then gets stuck, he tries to open the desk drawers, etc., etc., etc. So, since he clearly is fascinated with my chair, I decided to let him go for a ride one day. I put him in it, then pushed him around in circles. He just LOVED it. So, I snapped some photos. Funny little boy.

This is the ONLY way I can get him to stay still when I take his picture (he's stuck in between my legs so he would hold still). As SOON as I get out the camera, he goes crawling toward it, trying to grab it. He won't STAY still so that I can snap a clear, not fuzzy, photo! (It seems that Will is in his jammies in most of these photos. That's b/c he's just too darn cute in the mornings when he wakes up that I can't resist taking a picture. I DO get him dressed, I swear!)