Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving Thanks 2009

The things for which I am truly grateful can be summed up in these two photos:

My cute little boy and my happy little family.

What Will, on the other hand, is truly grateful for, is evidenced in these two photos:

That's right: stuffing and the chocolate turkey place-settings. He couldn't get enough of the stuffing and he tried to gobble up everyone's chocolate turkeys. That Will--he knows what's good for him.
Happy Thanksgiving (better late than never, right?). Our holiday weekend was filled with family (Nate, Amy, Sam, Beth, Jane and Adelee), fun (football, Twilight, Glee, bike rides, cousin time and shopping) and of course, food (too much yummy yum-ness to even mention). Thanks to all who participated in our Thanksgiving 2009 Bash.