Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Tree That Almost Never Was (otherwise known as free advertising for Lowe's)

This year, the putting-up-of-the-Christmas-tree started out as auspiciously as it had in years' past. It began in the parking lot of Lowe's (hooray for a new Lowe's just down the street!), where we acquired the cheapest, prettiest tree (and in that order, I'm afraid, thanks to my frugal hubby).The lights were then tested and tried and not found wanting as in years' past, (with Will saying "hot" and trying to blow out the lights like fire).
The items in the Christmas box were analyzed in the little one's mouth, just like last year.
The tree stand was screwed in with love and care (don't worry, Josh tested his work).
and that's where it all hit the fan, if you will (and I think you will).
The tree stand broke; Josh went to Lowe's. The lights ran out; Josh went to Lowe's. The fuse blew; Josh went to Lowe's. The lights ran out again; Josh went to Lowe's. Then finally, oh finally, the tree was lit. But wait, one side was lopsided (thanks to the aforementioned cheapness of the tree). The tree was trimmed. But wait, while trimming the tree, the lights were also trimmed. All went dark. Tears were shed. Heartache was had. Another trip to Lowe's was made. So, three days, ten packages of lights, one fuse splitter, eighty dollars and six trips to Lowe's later, the tree was lit and decorated. Hoo-ray.
I should have trusted my instinct and paid Josh the thirteen dollars I did last year so that the lights would have gotten on the tree in a timely and pain-free manner. But no, I had to do it myself.

The finished tree (please, tell me how pretty it is and how it was worth the effort--even if you have to lie).
Josh and Will with THE TREE.


Krista said...

Your tree is SOOO pretty and TOTALLY worth the effort. Oh and yippee for Lowe's!

whitney said...

oh sad! your tree REALLY is beautiful. i'm glad you finally conquered!!

you paid josh $13 to put lights on the tree last year? haha.

Emily Christensen said...

Like usual I am peeing my pants because I am laughing so hard from reading your blog.

Emily said...

I so love reading your blog. It's just funny and witty! You're a great writer, maybe that's why your major was English (right?).

Vickie Blanchard said...

Your tree is beautiful!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

With all the money you spent I think you better buy a fake, pre-lit tree next year! It does look beautiful though.