Thursday, June 3, 2010

Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?

Yup. Sure did. What did I do, you wonder? Why, I sewed 1.5 baby wrist rattles in twice as many hours (and let's not focus on the fact that all the charitable people around me made about twelve hundred rattles in the same amount of time). And now I feel I must pose the question that was running through my mind as I sat there, fingers bleeding, sewing those blasted wrist rattles: why, oh why, does every service project entail sewing? I will gladly clean your house, watch your kids, pull your weeds, mow your lawn but please, please, don't make me sew anything. ever. again (sorry, Mrs. Strangburg, my 9th grade home-ec teacher; I have failed you). At least I will sleep better tonight, knowing that I have, in fact, done some good in the world today. Because I am sure, certain, that my 1.5 barely-recognizable wrist rattles make the world a better place.


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Jessy, I just love you. Your posts always make me laugh. You are such a good writer. I'm sure they will help someone, somewhere. I totally agree though...why sewing. I just can't grasp that art!

Jane said...

Jessy - This is why you have Josh to help with all the sewing projects, if you will (and I think you will). And let's face it, you have lots of making ice water and toast (and very yummy steak and potatoes, I might add). You're also a great story teller and have a very lovely singing voice!