Friday, June 24, 2011

My Very Own Summer Bucket List

If you've been blog-reading (or stalking) lately then I'm sure you've noticed everyone posting their summer bucket lists (a list detailing all the things they want to accomplish this summer. Mostly fun, summery things like: going camping, attending a water park, visiting family, etc, etc.). Not wanting to be left behind from the blog-trend bandwagon (as I'm always so up to date), I felt it necessary to include my very own summer bucket list. So here goes.

1. Get rid of and keep all flies from my house (a.k.a. teach Will to shut the door behind him, for the love).
2. Don't get fat (too late for that one--I'm looking like a beached whale. Good news, though--I only gained two pounds at my last appt.--trust me, that's good news for me. How did I celebrate? By heading straight home and spreading Nutella on top of everything. I love Nutella).
3. On that same note, don't get cankles. Please, please don't get cankles.
4. Buy a window air conditioning unit for my bedroom window. I have central air, but it just ain't cutting it at night. Is anyone else here in upstate NY sweating to death?
5. Not throttle my three-year-old when he: refuses to get dressed in the morning, refuses to brush his teeth, refuses to comb his hair, refuses to do anything unless I count to three (and threaten with the step).
6. Pray no one judges me when I leave the house with a three-year-old who is undressed, hair uncombed, teeth unbrushed.
7. Catch up on all the good shows I missed, like The Vampire Diaries (don't you judge me. We all have our dirty little secrets).
8. And maybe, just maybe--if I can muster the energy--do something fun with my family (like go camping, attend a water park, visit family, etc., etc.)

There's my summer bucket list. What's on yours?


Emily said...

I have a bucket list (though not written down), but right about now my only goal is to have this baby come out of me ASAP, as in I would take this minute! Really, I'm due in 4 days but I've never lasted this long. Here's to hoping it's a productive day on my baby front! Good luck on all your items...3 year olds can be tricky but oh so cute!

Cookie, Jason, Olivia, and Mya said...

what would i do without the naught stair!! it must be the age cause olivia is the same. i must be losing it more and more cause she has started praying for mommy not to be mean. great. oh the joys of being pregnant during the hot hot hot summer!! go swimming a lot. i use to take a cool shower/rinse before bed it help a lot!!!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

You need to post a prego picture...just one please. I want to see you and your cute little belly. Your list was mine exactly about two weeks ago except I went past cankles to elephant feet! Hang in there man.

Krista said...

You crack me up. I love your bucket list. Don't worry about Vampire Diaries, I've been "sucked" in to it a few times...and I know for a fact Kirk has as well. :) My bucket list: Survive child birth and 2 kids.

Rosie Moncrief said...

I keep a jar of nutella in my desk at work! I eat it with a spoon!! I happen to love the Vampire Acedemy book series and the spin off comes out in August! I cannot wait! haha! They are way better than Twilight! Just in case you feel like doing a little reading this summer! :)