Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Dare You to Find. . .

. . .a little boy as cute as this:
or this:

And to further illustrate my point, here are the latest in Will's funny sayings/doings:

  • A few weeks ago, he was just walking around the house calling things nasty, as in, "Oh boy, that is nasty." I was a little perplexed by this, since I don't recall using this word. When I asked him who taught him to say that, he quickly replied, "Grammy taught it to me." Right, Will, Grammy did.

  • It was a rainy day and I was car-less and trying to get things done around the house. So, Will just played and played around me, never getting dressed. In fact he was just wearing his jammy tops and some underwear, when I told him that dada would be coming home soon. To this he responded, "Do that mean I need to put on pants?" Yes, dada is the known pants-enforcer in our home.

  • We were running late to a doctor's appointment, when I told Will I would be his best friend if he would just buckle himself in his carseat. Since no immediate action was taken and I needed to get going, I just reached back and buckled him myself. While doing so, Will stated, "I want you to be my best friend and buckle me!"

  • Josh, Will and I were off to a church function when we got stuck in traffic due to construction. Knowing the extent of the traffic, I could foresee that the usual 5-minute-commute to the church would take at least 40 minutes; thus, I started whining (in my defense, food was to be served at this function and I hadn't eaten since lunch so I was hungry, hungry, hungry which makes me a tad testy). After listening to my complaints for a few minutes, Will told me from the back of the car, "Mama, just be quiet!" Nothing like being put in your place by a three-year-old.

  • Lately, I've been obsessed with listening to Les Miserables. I guess it's been quite a bit since one time while in the car I asked Will what he wanted to listen to and he replied, "The Jon U Jon song." I laughed and laughed at that, since I knew that he meant Jean Valjean. And now, he walks around singing, "Who am I? I'm Jon U Jon!"

  • Will must be listening to me intently lately since yesterday, he stated, "Why can't baby Lucy just be born already?" Don't we both want to know, buddy.

  • He is obsessed with hiding. When he hears the garage door opening, indicating Josh is home, he runs and cries, "Hide! Hide! Hide!" And every night, before bed, if he has to run to go potty or brush his teeth, he tells Josh and me to hide. We always hide in the same spot (under the covers) but he acts surprised every time. My favorite is when we play hide and go seek and he tells me, "I seeked you!" (meaning, of course, he found me).

    Here are a few more pics:

Will and Josh enjoying scones on the floor/stool since Josh was using all the chairs to tie baby Lucy's quilt.

Will's current obsession: making me print off pictures from clipart so he can color them and then hang them himself. He is going to run us out of house and home with the way he goes through markers--he presses that hard. He really is quite the talented colorer, though. My favorite is the picture he colored entirely black. I'm pretty sure that brand new marker is out of ink now.


Ryan and Angela said...

Oh man, he is so cute. I love your updates of him.

Victoria Blanchard said...

He is so cute, and he is so good at coloring! Hang in there---you are so close!

Jane said...

I love those first pictures! Except if that was Josh's tie, I'm surprised it wasn't striped - it's the Madsen uniform.

Kasey Later said...

We sure love that Will. I'm totally impressed with his coloring. I don't think I could color that well, let alone do it so much to fill an entire room!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

That is some pretty good coloring! Loved the post. Will is so funny and I love the Jon U Jon!!