Sunday, October 2, 2011

World, Meet Wolverine, My Husband

It's no secret that, though not an exceptionally talented person myself, my one true talent lies in surrounding myself with truly talented people. Enter Joshy, who really is one of the most talented people I know. And though he may not be a true super hero in the worldly sense (even though after a good night's rest he has the "Wolverine hair" as seen in the picture below), he really has been my super hero in helping me prepare for this baby. My nesting instinct has mostly consisted of merely standing by and ensuring Josh gets everything done on his "Honey-do" list. Here is just a small taste of what he's accomplished to prepare us for baby Lucy (who, please bless, will make her appearance real soon).
Will and Josh displaying Josh's perfect Wolverine hair. Notice the shelves he made hanging on the wall behind them and the bed he made for Will that they are sitting on (and the cute comforter my SIL made).

1. The closet. He not only hung extra shelves in the master closet so that he could move all his gear in, but he also eliminated at least 30 t-shirts from his collection to make room for baby Lucy. If any of you truly know Josh, then you know how difficult this was for him. He is insanely attached to his t-shirts. I was laughing so hard at some of his comments while downsizing (I wrote them down b/c I needed it on paper--here's just a few):

  • "But what if I ever need to be a cowboy?"

  • "It might be time to give this one away. It's too big. It's got stains on it. I've had it for 17 years. I'll sleep in it tonight one last time, then give it away."

  • "I could acid wash them to make them look better." (That one's for his brother, Nate).
2. Making a "nigh-nigh" with Will for baby girl. They even went to the fabric store and picked out the material. When I tried to make a suggestion as to what fabric to buy, I was ushered away by Will, who insisted, "Mama, this is our project. Now go away." When Josh was trying to explain something to me in the fabric store about quilting, he whispered to me, "I can't talk about it here. I can't let people know that I know more about quilting than you."

3. Sanding, priming and painting, painting, painting.
He re-painted the crib so it looks brand new (destructo Will had done a number on it--plus, remember he built that crib in the first place). And look at the darling bedding my sister-in-law Kasey made. Really, that deserves its own blog post. And when I get the nursery fully decorated, don't you worry, I will devote an entire post to that wonderfully talented lady. (Plus, the nursery is a bit of a hot mess still since Josh and I have been sleeping on the guest bed on the floor in there since our master bed is too soft for my aching back).

He sanded, primed and painted this dresser with 4 coats of paint! It was in need of some serious TLC. Thanks to my neighbor and friend who donated it to us.

And, of course, he painted and primed this glider that I scored at a garage sale when Will was 6-months-old (that I never finished). Notice the darling quilt Kasey made to match the bedding. Plus, amazing Kasey re-covered the cushions for me for Christmas of 2008. Good thing it finally gets to be used!

4. These are just a small number of the projects (really, the most photogenic ones). Of course, all this was done on top of his usual household duties: cooking, cleaning, putting Will to bed, etc., etc. Basically, I've been useless these last few weeks of pregnancy. It's a good thing I'm so talented at marrying such a talented guy. We love you, Wolverine; couldn't have done it without you.


Victoria Blanchard said...

The nursery looks beautiful! Josh sure has been busy, and you are so right about his hair! :)

Emily said...

Ummm, super impressed! I could comment on every single picture! Hope your little Lucy comes soon, SO happy for you guys!
Since I'm pretty sure you don't want my big family of 6 coming and staying with you, you guys really should come down this way and visit (after you get adjusted with a new baby). I would so love to see you and meet your cute kids :)

Krista said...

Oh my JOSH! Wow you really did marry a talented man. He is a wonderful craftsman...and quilter ;). Your Lucy's room looks beautiful. She will fit perfectly.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Love, love, love everything you, I mean Josh, has done! The nursery is adorable. Hang in there. I am anxiously awaiting the post after Lucy arrives!

Kasey Later said...

Everything looks great, Jess! There's nothing like a good deadline to get a nesting wife delegating! Baby Girl is one lucky little one and I can't wait to meet her. Wish I was closer to help with it all. Good luck on these last few days!

Emily Christensen said...

I hadn't read this post yet, just looked at the pictures. I love Josh's comments about his t-shirts. They made me laugh out loud. Josh you really are so good to Jessy. She is very lucky.