Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Campout of the Fathers and Sons

The fathers and sons campout has come and gone and once again, Will had a ball.  The cutest part of the entire trip was when Will and Josh were packing up to go.  Will really, really, really wanted Lucy to come on the campout.  I explained to him that she couldn't go, that this particular camping trip was just for fathers and sons--not daughters.  So the rest of the afternoon he just kept going up to Lucy and saying, "You can't come this time, Luce.  You are not a son.  You are a daughter.  I will miss you.  You can go next time."  It was too cute.  And then, while on the campout, he told Josh, "I miss Lucy."  So sweet.  Another sweet part was that Will just fell asleep on Josh at the campfire and just snuggled on him--Josh loved it.  But what wasn't so sweet?  The fact that Josh got a tick on the campout and b/c he had no idea how long it had been attached by the time we found it and b/c he had just watched a documentary on lyme disease and b/c we weren't sure if we got the head of the tick, Josh freaked a bit and insisted on going to Urgent Care to start a round of anitbiotics, just in case.  So, other than the lyme disease scare, I'd say fun was had by all!


Victoria Blanchard said...

Oh that is just too sweet! What a good big brother he is!