Saturday, December 15, 2007

O, Christmas Tree!

Two of the cutest things ever: a fresh tree and my hubby.

Yes, it is that "Most Wonderful Time of the Year", where "Silver Bells" are ringing, neighbors "Wish you a Merry Christmas" and where, at our house, "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" (plus, with all the snow we've been receiving, we just sit by our windows, warmed by the fire and think, "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"). Who doesn't adore Christmas? From the songs, so cheery and bright, to the breathtaking Christmas tree, with the smell of freshly cut pine and the twinkling white lights. This year our tree is lovely as always. However, we have found a wee bit of a dilemma with said tree. Unfortunately, it now blocks our view of the television from our dinner table. For you this may not be a problem, but for us, it is a very, very serious predicament, for you see, at our house, come dinner time, we like to sit around the table and bond together all the while watching "Jeopardy." We even add up our points at the end to see who won that night (fortunately, we don't subtract points for wrong answers, otherwise we'd always be in the hole and never make it to Final Jeopardy). Sadly, though, this nightly ritual cannot now continue because the view of our television is blocked by the beautiful tree. A few nights ago, while trying to watch "Jeopardy" at dinner, it was quite frustrating since I couldn't press mute with the remote (the tree was blocking the signal) so that we could say our prayer for our dinner. So frustrated was I, that I broke out in song, expressing the tree vs. TV dilemma. And since I thought this song so funny and clever, I now will share it with you, sung to the tune of "O, Christmas Tree!"

O, Christmas Tree
O, Christmas Tree
We cannot see our TV
Our favorite thing at Christmas time
Is watching Jeopardy at dinner time
O, Christmas Tree
O, Christmas Tree
How can we answer Final Jeopardy?

Yes, at our house, we love Christmas--just as long as it doesn't interfere with "Jeopardy". So, this Christmas, "All I Want for Christmas" is not "My Two Front Teeth" or a "White Christmas" or even the chance to say "I'll Be Home for Christmas" (because I won't be), but all I can really ask for is to sit with my two beloved men (Josh and Alex Trebek), eat a good meal, and watch a rousing game of "Jeopardy"--oh, and, of course, beat Josh at Final Jeopardy.... Is that too much to ask for?

The view of the television from our dinner table. As you can see, there is no beholding Alex Trebek from this angle.

Our fire place mantel all decked out for Christmas.


jess said...

wow! you guys are dorks too!! i thought clint and i were the only ones who love jeopardy! i must admit- we don't take it as far as you do with points and all, but my question to you is do you also watch wheel of fortune? we are seriously old and boring. it's official!
your tree and fireplace look BEEE-utiful!!

Kim and Seth said...

Of all the shows that your tree could be blocking, you are sad about jeopardy??? haha, that is a great little ditty you came up with. Seth and i will have to use your version, because we tried to sing it for FHE per jackson's song request and the only words either of us knew were O Christmas Tree, haha.

mrs. r said...

what a beautiful home you have! love it.

Danalin said...

Love the song and all of the song references. Your tree and decorated home all look amazing, of course. I bet you love Christmas because it's a great excuse to add more RED to your decor! :) I haven't watched Jeapordy in years, but that made me want to so that I can see if I can beat Tyler at it...

Megan said...

You're crazy. You know that right? But I love you for it. Now I'll never be able to watch Jeopardy again without singing your version of "O Christmas Tree". Have a great Christmas!

jess said...

about the art over our fireplace - it's a clint original. kinda sad that since my husband is an artist, i no longer am. i guess i should try every once in a while. and the quote is not christmas-y it is the (often misquoted as nelson mandela) "our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate..." one. love it. it took way to long to do to change it out seasonally. and honestly, being a mom doesn't make me want to be domestic at all, it just makes me feel guilty for getting absolutely nothing done while clint is gone slaving away!

Ryan & Angela Spear said...

That is so cute. I love that you watch jeapordy. we aren't dinner eating, tv watching at the same time kind of people. But jeapordy doesn't really count. and your tree looks lovely.

adam brown said...
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whitney said...

love the tree... love your house... love you! i can't wait for you to have your baby! how's pregnancy going?

The Pyper Fam said...

Whens a new post coming? I want to hear about your Christmas! I hope you guys had a good one! I want to see pictures of little Willy! (and I guess that would mean you too Jessy) :) How are you feeling? Did you go up to Vermont, or get together with any family? When are you coming to Spokane again? Probably never! :( Post soon, or or e-mail me!

Rindi said...

You are so hilarious!! I LOVE reading your are such an amazing writer! I cannot wait to read your stuff once you get a little guy around the house to write about! How exciting for you guys!!