Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Singing Telegram

For Will's first b-day, his lovely cousin Beth just had to come help celebrate the big day. She was so very excited to come to Will's big b-day bash--so much so that she wrote him a few songs for his monumental day (the songs aren't original but the words sure are). So for his b-day gift, Beth came all the way from VT and sang him not one but two b-day songs. And now for your viewing pleasure--Will's very first original b-day songs, written and sung by the very talented Miss Beth:

Will loves to watch this video and he just sits and claps and smiles b/c he loves him his cousin Beth. What a great treat it was to have her at the party. Thanks, Beth for always bringing your beautiful music and your wonderful enthusiasm (she appreciated Will's party way more than he did). More party pictures are pending. Stay tuned (as I know you all are).


The Pyper Fam said...

That girl has some talent!! That is probably one of the cutest things ever. Some of the highlights of the video for me are: Beths little ballerina-like pirouette during the last sone (I'm assuming its titled "Willy Will"?) :) And also Joshy's laugh inbetween the songs! :) And of course that little red-head you can see at the very end. I'm glad Will was able to celebrate his b-day with family! :) Can't wait for more pictures-actually I'm shocked that you even took any!!! :)