Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, Pompa, You Finally Made the Blog

Here they are: the three whole pictures we took on our two-week long vacation. Sad, I know. But at least we did manage to get a picture with Will and his Pompa. My dad is always begging to get pictures with Will so that he can "make it on the blog". So, Pompa, you finally made the blog:
My dad was so very cute with Will. He had some Backyardigans tivoed and would cuddle with Will for as long as Will would stay still watching the show (and my dad loved it!). My dad also took Will during church and took him to his office in the church building and fed him Fritos (whole!). Will loved his Pompa. It made my heart happy to see Will with his Pompa.
And here's Will with his Grammy and Pompa (Grammy was playing dress-up with Katie--she usually doesn't wear bright, shiny clothes). Grammy was good to us as always. Spokane was actually the second half of our trip and we went without Josh. We had a good, relaxing time, just chillin' with Em and her kids and getting together with some friends. Plus, I finally got to see Twilight and do a little shopping. As always, we loved our trip to Spokane and enjoyed a much quieter trip than our last crazy one. Thanks, Grammy and Pompa for a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see you over the summer for our Lake Roosevelt vacation!

And here's Will on his first skiing expedition on our ski-trip to Utah. Of course, he is crying (shocking, I know). It was nap time for him, so he wasn't too thrilled. He was literally screaming before we got on the lift, then he fell asleep on the lift, woke up when we got off and then screamed the entire time down the bunny hill. Josh and I decided to torture our child a little more and took him up the lift for one more run. The second time he fell asleep on the lift and stayed asleep down the mountain and in the lodge for half an hour. Then he woke up and was as happy as could be. We didn't want to push our luck, though, by taking him on another run.
Our trip to Utah was fun--filled with lots of family time (the whole Madsen clan was gathered); cousin playing time; lots of skiing time--mostly for Josh; Park City outlet shopping time and, of course, some Brian Reagan time. We love our trips to Utah and can't wait for more skiing adventures. Thanks, Granny and Gus!


Rosie Moncrief said...

I can't believe you were in Park City while you were here and didn't say anything!!!! I lived all January! You better play with me and cookie next time you're here.

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

I agree with what Rosie said!