Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 at 18

Eighteen at eighteen
Weighs 27 lbs (50%), is 33 1/3 in. tall (75%) and has a 48 cm. head circumference (50%). Obsessed with boats. Loves all animals, especially dogs, cats and bears (tries to hug them...except for bears). Loves books. Loves nursery. Is a brute (loves wrestling with, jumping on and climbing all over dada). Throws everything. Drags shoe baskets around the entire house, stuffing his treasures inside. Has 25 plus words in his vocabulary but still signs for milk and please (favorite words: "tat" (for cat); "show" (for a movie); "take oo" (for thank you) and "aaaaarhh" (for bear). Plays constantly in the car (vroom) and truck. Has a classic throw (moves his whole upper body side to side before throwing it). Wants a show every two seconds (esp. the boat show, the bear show and the truck show). Can't get enough of his best pal Luna. Simply cannot function without his nigh-nigh. Is a lover of the great outdoors and constantly begs to go "side". Can throw a tantrum like nobody's business. Gives hugs with pats. Allows you to kiss him but never returns the favor (when asked for a kiss, just leans his head toward you so that you can plant one on him). Loves the boat park. Is a great bike rider (in our bike trailer--he just leans back, relaxes and puts his feet up). Loves babies and whenever we ask him if we should have a baby, he nods his head yes. Is quite possibly the cutest thing ever and we simply cannot get enough of him.
Here he is coloring. Notice how much of the ink is on him.
Posing with his mama on his first day of nursery.

This is how he MUST watch his shows: with blankey, dog and bear right by his side (the lack of shirt is the way he MUST eat his breakfast since he insists on raspberry jam on his toast and refuses to keep a bib on. Thus, I take off his shirt so that his clothes remain stain-free).


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Wow Will totally looks so grown up now. He has that little toddler boy cute. Man does he look like a Spear!

Emily said...

Oh, 18 months. I can't wait for Aly to go to nursery! Seeing these pictures reminds me of what a better mom I was with #1 than #3. She has yet to color on several sheets of paper taped together~with Andrw I was at chidren's museum once a week doing fun things. The differences. Oh well. Will's a cutie!

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Hes so cute! He out weighs Olivia by 2 pounds but they are almost exactly the same height. I hope he likes nursery, its taken us 6 months to get Olivia to go 4 weeks in a row.

bluestocking mama said...

yay, nursery! love that milestone. he's so cute!