Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank You, AAA Man

Dear Mr. AAA Man,
In accordance with my utmost and sincere gratitude, I would like to say a few words to express how deeply I appreciated your assistance last Tuesday morning. First and foremost, thank you for responding quickly to my call and arriving only a short 15-minutes later to Walmart, where your assistance was required. Secondly, and almost as importantly as the first, thank you for not being scary, smoking, beer-bellied, mechanic type but a decent, normal type with children who knew how to work a car seat. Thank you for not laughing at me when my "car" problem was that my steering wheel was locked and I really couldn't get it unlocked (lame problem, I know). Thank you even more for validating said problem by also being unable to start the car. Thank you for then not mocking me when determining that the real problem was that since I had tried too hard to get the key to turn in the ignition, I had then bent the key so badly that there was no way to start the car with that particular key. Thank you for then telling me that the problem could easily be remedied by using an alternate key. Thank you for waiting patiently for me to try to call my husband and beg him to come rescue me with his key, only to discover that my husband was, in fact, in meetings all day long. Thank you for, after offering to drop me off at my house, then offering to tow the entire car home to save my precious groceries. Thank you for spending over a half an hour trying to get my car onto your flatbed truck, my car being a bit of a stickler since the wheels were locked perpendicular to the car, making it impossible to steer straight (and making it impossible for other Walmart customers to leave their parking spaces due to one huge truck blocking their way. Dirty stares from fellow angry Walmart customers always makes my day). Thank you as well for strapping the car seat into the front seat of your huge truck, since I have little knowledge of this process (Josh always does this. I'm helpless, I know). Thank you for making my son's day by allowing him to ride in your monster truck. Thank you as well for smiling at my son's incessant screams of "truck" and the pointing out of every single truck we passed as well as pointing out the actual truck we were riding in. Thank you for not judging me that my son had on no shoes as he had long ago discarded them in the car back at Walmart while waiting for you to arrive. Thank you again for not judging me that I had NO spare key at home to start the car thus easing the transition of the car from flatbed truck to driveway. Thank you, then, for spending yet another half an hour depositing my car in our street. Thank you for not being present when you saw that, in fact, all this work could have been avoided had I had a spare key (my car quickly started with Josh's key later that day). Mostly, though, thank you for making my half hour trip to Walmart stretch out to more than two hours. I really can't think of a better way I would have liked to spend my morning. As the service you rendered was truly invaluable, you may rest assured that I am now a AAA customer for life.
Yours Truly,
A Valued (I'm sure) AAA Customer


Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Don't you love wal mart trips! Of course yours was much more eventful than mine usually are. What a nice guy to help you out so much.

Kasey Later said...

I too LOVE AAA. I'm so glad you got a very nice and accommodating worker. I'm especially glad that Will got to ride in a huge truck, the highlight of his day I'm sure!

J.D. and Gina said...

This was hilarious Jessy! I know it was probably not so funny the day of, but I truly enjoyed the laugh and the wonderful way it was all written. I'm sorry you had to go through this. Yes, thank heavens for a good AAA man!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Oh man what a trip to Walmart! I'm also thankful it was a nice looking and "normal" man! That could have been a scary day.

Emily said...

What a day! At least you can laugh about it now...right? Glad it was such a nice guy and not a freak :)