Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Nativity

Our impromptu Nativity. When Beth asked Will which role he wanted to play, he responded with a quick, "Dada Joe". Yes, that is how Will refers to the man who raised Jesus here on earth: Dada Joe. And then there's Mama Mary and, of course, Baby Jees.
Unfortunately, Will was one of the worst Joseph's to date. However, Beth was a lovely Mary, complete with her wedding veil she felt was appropriate Mary attire.
Will's favorite Christmas song this season: Honanna (Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus), but he also likes the Baby Jees song (Picture a Christmas) and the Dada Joe song (Shepherd's Carol).


Vickie Blanchard said...

LOVE his little short-alls!

Danalin said...

Love Mary's veil.:) And Dada Joe, when played by a 2-year-old, is supposed to be all over the place.

bluestocking mama said...

love the veil! that cracked me up. and your little guy is SO cute!!

Jane said...

You mention Beth's veil (very appropriate if you ask me), but failed to make note of the lederhosen. Will is so dang cute in them! High five Dada Joe.