Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning

Oddly enough, the two boys--who are as of yet completely oblvious to the entire Christmas concept--were the first to rise on Christmas morn. I guess it's not that odd, considering that both boys are typically early risers, but it was strange that we had to finally wake Beth (who was so excited she could hardly stand it) at 8:00 to open presents.
Waiting to go see what Santa brought. Sam doesn't seem too impressed.

Santa brought both boys a basketball hoop. They both loved it!Will opening his remote-control Mater from my parents. As of yet, he doesn't know it is remote-control operated, but he absolutely adores it (see video below). I figure in due time I will show him the remote-control feature and it will be like a brand-new toy.

Will's presents: a basketball hoop, a tunnel/tent playset and a bowling ball set. I'm not sure what Santa and I were thinking, seeing as how my house is not equipped to hold a basketball hoop, tunnel/tent and/or bowling ball set. Currently, my home looks like an amusement park. I seriously need a playroom.