Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Second Birthday of my Firstborn

Thanks to Will's cousin Beth, Will had a pretty spectacular birthday party. I say thanks to Beth for two reasons. The first, if it weren't for Beth and all her excitement (see previous post), Will's party would have been just Josh and me singing happy b-day to Will with a candle on a Hostess cupcake (hey, don't knock the Hostess cupcake. Where I grew up, these were staples). Instead, Will not only had a homemade "footfall" cake (per his request) but also an entire "footfall" themed party. The second reason Beth made Will's party a success was because she was far more enthusiastic about it than anyone else, including the b-day boy himself. She felt the entire trip to Utah was for the sole purpose of celebrating Will's birth (when in reality it was just a lucky coincidence). She asked everyone, including her maternal grandmother (who is NOT related to Will in any way), "Are you going to Will's birthday party?" Yes, Happy B-day to you Will, but the happy celebrating goes to you, Beth.

Here's the party low down. As mentioned above, it was a football themed party (which is what Will wanted AND it also happened to be on Superbowl Sunday, so it was per-fect!).

The decorations:

(Check out that rockin' footfall cake)
The concession stand (the idea of which I stole from my friend). The concessions were earned by paying with raffle tickets acquired by winning the "ball game" that Josh and his brother Nate came up with only moments before the actual event. And what were the concessions? All of Will's favorite foods: homemade mac and cheese, lil' smokies, guacamole and chips and fresh pineapple.
The "ball game":
Check out Beth's tongue. She is trying awfully hard.
Will's turn.
And Sam. Cute Sam. He just set the ball in. He's nobody's fool. He did what he had to do to be successful.

The presents (which were weak b/c he got a train set that I wasn't about to lug out to UT so I scrounged up a few gifts around the house and wrapped 'em up):
Tape on the hand. The look on Will's face is like, "Oh, no. What do I do with the tape on my hand?" Can you say a tad OCD?
Beth helping him every step of the way.
Gus giving a helping hand as well.
And, of course, there was the singing of the b-day song (I tried and tried to upload that video, but to no avail). It was all a little frazzled because by then the Superbowl had started and heaven forbid, the big boys miss the Superbowl. We had to rush through the song and hurry and eat the cake so that the boys could catch the TiVoed footfall game. And once again, Will wanted nothing to do with the cake. He had NO part of it. Too funny. I should have made him cookies. I know he loves cookies. Happy Second B-day, Will. We love your buns.


whitney said...

i CANNOT believe he is 2 already. what happens to time?! happy birthday to your darling 2 year old dude!

jess said...

happy bday will!! however, i may just have to kick your mama's BUTT for coming to UT without telling me. you are in big trouble jessy yessy!!!

The Pyper Fam said...

I can't believe he is two already, either!!! He is so cute! That looks like it was one heck of a party! :) I am really sad I didn't get to see Will (or you!) for very long while you were here. Next time, right? There is always next time! :) Having a baby just really sucks up your time! :) It was good seeing you while I did, though! I need to head to NY again sometime soon! :)

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Two already! That kid is growing up so fast. Love the party decorations. Sounds like the party was a blast.

Danalin said...

You know how to throw a part-ay, sister! I agree that 2 is an awesome age; so much personality in those tiny bodies. Happy Birthday, Will!

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Happy birthday Will! It goes by way too fast. Love the football cake.

Rosie Moncrief said...

What a cutie!

Kevin and Kristina said...

Such a cute party! I loved all your banners too! Wish you guys lived closer so that Will and Andrew could play- he really doesn't have any little boys his age around here to play with!