Friday, February 26, 2010

Singing Telegram: Take 2

For at least two weeks prior to Will's official b-day, we received daily phone calls (sometimes multiple times a day) from one little Beth Madsen (and most of the time, her parents had no idea she was even calling us. Yes, her mother taught her how to use speed dial and Beth put it to good use). The topic of these daily calls? Will's upcoming birthday celebrations. Beth wanted to know all the stats: the b-day cake, the party info., the presents, etc., etc. She even inquired what she could give Will. Not wanting this cute little 5-year-0ld to break the bank, I told her Will would love another little song dedicated to him. Not one to disappoint, Beth quickly came up with a Will b-day song. So, without further ado: Will's singing telegram, take 2. (If you want a reminder of the original, click here). We love you, Beth. Thanks for making Will's b-day so special (it wouldn't have been so special without you--trust me!). More pictures to come of Will's actual par-tay, someday.